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YUVA IHE organized biscuit donation drive

YUVA IHE had its biscuit donation drive on 21st October 2023, Saturday at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. The students along with family and friends of IHE along with the YUVA IHE team contributed biscuit packets in good amount and they were collected through collection desks set up the in the college premises for a week.

On reaching, a varied crowd could be seen. Not all were poor but some were helpless and in need and also not only alone but were with their families too. The team ensured to not leave anyone out there without the packets and covered people of all types including the PWDs, the poor, the helpless, the ones in need, the ones who were suffering physically and mentally and many more.


Whilst the drive was carried on, there were people especially children who even asked for more than one packet of biscuit on receiving that there was a satiated smile on their face which was the golden highlight for the team as well as the drive. Throughout the drive, the team enthusiastically participated in the event with kindness and gratitude towards others and successfully managed to give approximately 500 biscuit packets to the people in need.

YUVA IHE wishes to do more drives like this for a greater cause and on a greater stage as this was nothing more than a wholesome experience to be a kinder person.

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