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Climate Change

Sunset in the Arctic

Ocean warming: an emerging problem

– by Harsh Raj                                                                                   Water is the elixir of immortality.                               From the water is this universe produced.   In the waters, o lord is your seat, that is, in the waters o lord, is your womb…                      The waters are the foundation of all this universe.[1]                                                    -By Shatapathabrahmana, VI.8.2.3-13 [1]Nandithakrishna ,…

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Climate change

–Written By Archi Aggarwal, BBA LLB, First year ‘’Climate change is no longer some far-off problem;it is happening here, it is happening now’’ Climate is inherently variable. It changes from place to place and it varies with time. The world is now facing it’s most complex and serious issue in the form of climate change….

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–Written By Mayank Pratham USLLS, GGSIPU Now almost nine months into 2019, the year has been ground-breaking for us Indians. With erratic rainfall and grappling droughts accompanied by devastating floods that wash away the ground right from under the feet and roads that break up only to be a testament of these devastating natural imbalances…

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— Written By Raghav Agarwal BBA LLB First Year, USLLS, GGSIPU. We all remember getting official day offs from school due to rain, something which we used to call as ‘rainy day’. We got holidays on those particular days because it rained on those days, right. So, accordingly in North India, as it is rainy…

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Effect of building material on Environment (Timber)

Introduction 7 to 8 billion acres of land should be replanted in order to overcome the loss caused by the deforestation. Earth Island Institute says that the world trees are cut and burned 30 times faster then they are planted. People of the world need to use less timber and not so wasteful of the…

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U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Agreement : India’s Perspective

When Donald Trump during his poll campaign, called climate change a “Chinese hoax” to gain economic advantage over US, few had taken his candidature seriously. However, just 4 days after the Paris Climate Agreement (the global treaty involving 195 countries to combat climate change) came into force; Trump was elected as the leader of the…

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