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Ram Mandir: पांच करोड़ लोगों तक पहुंचेगा पूजित अक्षत

देश के प्रत्येक गली मोहल्ले नगर एवं शहर में वातावरण राममय में हो चुका है। आखिर 22 जनवरी को अवध में राम आने वाले हैं। अयोध्या के राम मंदिर (Ram Mandir) में प्राण प्रतिष्ठा समारोह से पहले आयोजकों ने एक जनवरी से पूजित ‘अक्षत’ यानि चावल, हल्दी और घी का मिश्रण का वितरण शुरू कर…

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Role of Women’s Reservation in the Election

India has been a democratic country since its independence. India followed a multi-party system but due to certain factors, it always relied on nepotism. We all know that in India there has one-party system since the 1990s after the collision government formed the government. In recent times we saw one-party dominance in the country. In…

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The blend strength and spirit: Vivekananda and Bose

Two personalities, born 34 years apart, on the same land of revolutionaries, both having an English education, and proved their mettle thereto, being conferred with silken-convocation gowns of western philosophies. Hailing from families where they had all, material and spiritual, yet in order to know to understand to imbibe the spirit of Bharata, renounced the…

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