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YUVA announces dates for its most awaiting annual conclave Vimarsh’19

October 14, 2019

The Campus Chronicle is thrilled to announce that the registration for YUVA’s flagship event- Vimarsh’19 Edition 4.0., to be held on November 2-3-4, 2019, is now open.  It is the three-day annual conclave of YUVA along with Campus Chronicle as its media partner. The conclave draws hundreds of students and intellectuals from all over the […]

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Daryaganj book market shutdown: a threat to the legacy

September 21, 2019

–Written By Prashant Kumar Law Faculty Bhagat Singh was reading “State and Revolution” by Vladimir Lenin, while he was asked for getting hanged, he asked executioners to wait as “A revolutionary is talking to another revolutionary”. After some time, he kept the book and said: ” Let us go”. Bhagat Singh was an ardent reader […]

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The lung of Earth is Burning: Its High Time and We should Act

September 8, 2019

The fire has been a major problem in the forests. From the last few months, the forests of Brazil is in the grip of fire. Nearly, fifty thousand sq. Metres of forest land have been burnt. The fire is so frightening that smoke is spread over 45 lakh kilometers. The capital city of Brazil, Sao […]

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इसरो का मिशन चन्द्रयान 2

September 7, 2019

–Written By Arun Mishra चंन्द्रयान 2 2.1 किमी के बाद विक्रम का संपर्क टूटा, इसरो में छाई हुई है मायूसी भारत चांद की सतह पर इतिहास रचने की दहलीज पर खड़ा है, लेकिन चंद्रमा की सतह से 2.1 किलोमीटर पहले लैंडर विक्रम से आर्बिटर का संपर्क टूट गया। इसके बाद इसरो को सिग्नल मिलना बंद […]

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India Vs WI Match- Two Min Read

September 1, 2019

–Written By Arun Mishra वेस्टइंडीज के साथ दूसरा टेस्ट सबिना पार्क में खेला जा रहा है। इस मैच में भारतीय गेंदबाज यॉर्कर किंग जसप्रीत बुमराह ने वेस्टइंडीज की बैटिंग लाइन अप की धज्जियां उड़ा के रख दी। बुमराह ने टेस्ट क्रिकेट में अपनी पहली हैट्रिक और भारत के तीसरे गेंदबाज बने ली। उनसे पहले भारत […]

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As the nation observes 77th Anniversary, let us remember the heroes of Quit India Movement

August 9, 2019

–Written By Katyayani Narayan Singh On August 8th 2019, we observed the 77th anniversary of the Quit India Movement which is also called as ‘August Kranti’. It is deemed as one of the most important freedom struggles as masses themselves participated with the legendary leaders in this movement for freedom of our countryIt all started […]

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10 things that will change in J&K after scrapping Article 370

August 9, 2019

5 August 2019, will always be remembered as a turning point in the geographical, constitutional and political discourse of Jammu and Kashmir. The scrapping of Article 370, 35 A and J&K reorganization bill has brought  Inqualab in the state. Before highlighting key changes that were introduced today let’s make a brief discussion on Article 370 […]

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July 28, 2019

After the centuries of struggle of the Hindus for their Swaraj in their own motherland Bharat, and a 70-years long period of national forces awakening the Bharatvanshis to defeat the ‘pro-minority’ and ‘secular’ narrative which have clinched the nation in a state of helplessness, the attack of radical Islam has again attained the rigorous form. […]

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विश्व कप के दिग्गज

June 23, 2019

–Written By Vikas विश्व कप 2019 की शुरुआत हो चुकी है | टूर्नामेंट का पहला मुकाबला मेजबान इंग्लैंड और दक्षिण अफ्रीका के बीच खेला गया| तो दोस्तों विश्व कप देखने से पहले हमारे मन में ये ख्याल तो जरूर आता होगा की कौन सा ऐसा गेंदबाज़ होगा जिसने अब तक सबसे ज्यादा विकेट लिए होंगे […]

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June 22, 2019

As I write, an all India cessation of non-emergency services by doctors (residents to be specific) tomorrow is in the works and protests of some sort or the other have been ongoing from the past few days. The trigger for this outpouring of anger and frustration by the medical fraternity, was a depressed skull fracture […]

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May 5, 2019

While all 52 Sundays of a year are special, the next one, May 12, is much more so for Delhiites. It is the day when Delhi gets to decide who are the chosen 7, whom it sends to legislate on its behalf to the Loksabha. For those of you who are not in the know- […]

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March 31, 2019

A regiment with little internal issues but ready to sacrifice anything for the motherland. A challenging war at the threshold. A Sikh commander – the master of the most rightful ethics and commitment towards Dharma. Sounds like a remake of ‘Border’? Well, Akshay Kumar starred ‘Kesari’ may resemble to the 1997 hit, but the approach […]

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