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YUVA society of Deshbandhu College, on 21st June on the occasion of “International Yogaday” with the collaboration of the Physical education department of the college successfully managed to organise Yoga for all sports members, Yuva society members, Staff members and others inthe pit area of college premises. Principal Dr. Rajiv Aggarwal, Yoga practitioner Dr. Anita…

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International Yoga Day

Yoga is the gift of rejuvenation and reconnection to your soul. An ancient practice now becoming a modern everyday routine. Have you included it in your everyday routine? Today on this ‘International Yoga Day’, let’s promise ourselves to hang out with our souls once a day! India is the birthland of yoga, which is now…

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Evolution of Yoga from its Origin to the Present Scenario

Yoga has its roots in the Vedas, hence its origin is also supposed to be back to the time of Vedas. Yoga is not just some exercise, it is a discipline, a way of living, and a lifestyle. Therefore, in his Yoga Sutras, Maharishi Patanjali Ji states–  अथ योगानुशासनम् || (P.Y.S. – 1.1)   which refers to…

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