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Why PM Modi chose the Vivekananda Rock Memorial for his two-day Dhyan?

Satish Kumar

In the midst of heat of Indian General Elections, an interesting news Came that Minister Narendra Modi will go for a 48 – hour meditation at Vivekananda Rock Memorial, situated at the southern most end of India, Kanyakumari. On the May 30th, when campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections ended, Prime Minister reached Kanyakumari. Although it is a big news, the whole world’s eyes are on the ongoing elections in India, but the interesting thing to ponder over is that why Prime Minister chooses Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari for meditation. What inspired him to go to Rock Memorial is a story every Indian must know, for it is perennial source of inspiration.

Relevance of Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari

Swami Vivekananda, a great Yogi and son of Bharatmata, after covering the length and breath of India barefoot reached Kanyakumari on December 25, 1892. Throughout his wandering in all over India, Swami Vivekananda saw the misery, suffering and cause of degradation of sunken and downtrodden masses of India. On reaching to Kanyakumari on December 25th 1892, Swamiji saw a rock from the shore in the midst of the sea. And in heavy storm and high waves, Swamiji swam across the sea and reached the rock where Goddess Kanyakumari is believed to have done Sadhna for Lord Shiva.

Swami Vivekananda meditated for three days and nights from 25th to 27th December, 1892. Although every Sanyasi perform meditation but Swamiji’s Sadhna was altogether different because he did not meditate for himself but for the humanity. Swami Vivekananda meditated on the past, present and future of India. Later, Swami Vivekananda in a letter said, “Sitting on the last bit of Indian rock, I hit upon a plan.” And that plan was so much gigantic that for the next ten years, he did so much of massive work that the whole world takes inspiration from him even after 150 years.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial: A Perennial Source of Inspiration

In the year of 1962, when Swami Vivekananda’s 100th birth anniversary was approaching, a discussion took place in the local people of Kanyakumari that something should be done on the rock where Swamiji meditated in 1893. The small talks took shape of a good level of social discussion when a committee was formed in Kanyakumari. As the things went forward, a section of Catholics protested that the rock belongs to St. Xaviar who came here 200 years ago and a cross was installed there. Overnight the cross was removed from there and  a big agitation started between the two sections.

Catholics being a good vote bank for the political parties, State Goverment was also not supportive to do something on the rock for Swami Vivekananda. At that time, the local formed committee contacted, Sri Guru Golwalkar, the then Sar- Sanghchalk of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sagth. This mighty work was handed over by Guruji to Eknath Ranade, who was 7th Sarkaryvah of RSS. After looking into the situation and with a great vision, Eknathji took the task and a Vivekanada Rock Memorial Committee was formed. With opposition from the CM of Tamilnadu and Cultural Minister of India, Ekanathji collected the signatures from 323 MPs and handed over it to Jawaharlal Nehru.

It was possible because of selfless ‘samparaka’, greatness of character and visionary actions of Eknathji. Ekanathji converted obstacles into opportunity and turned adamant opponents into stalwart for his work. For arranging funds, Eknathji collected Rs 1 Lakh from each State governments. To make the rock memorial, a national monument, Ekanathji visioned to collect fund from every individual through One rupees folder and at that time 30 Lakh people which was one, percent of adult population contributed Rs. 80 Lakh for national cause.

Crossing the lines of ideology and parties Eknathji at that time, contacted all leaders whether it was Communist leader Jyoti Basu, Ram Manhar Lohia, Haryana CM Sheikh Devilal, Kashmir’s leader Sheikh Abdullah and others. All parties and States contributed for the national cause and on  September 2nd 1970, Vivekananda Rock Memorial was dedicated to India. Vivekananda Rock Memorial is the only national monument which was made through contribution of India not by any political party or religious organization

Vivekananda Rock Memorial was possible through the incessant hardwork, unflinching determination and the sadhna of Eknathji. Thus, the rock memorial is perennial source of inspiration for every one. Today PM Modi, who had in his childhood had the honour to work with Ekanathji, is doing 48 hours long meditation on Vivekananda Rock Memorial which is itself result of great sadhna.Today, every Indian, apart from politics and elections must read and Know the story of Vivekanada Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari.

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