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September 15, 2021

The most influential orator of the World’s Parliament of Religions, Swami Vivekananda once said, “After so much austerity, I have understood this as the real truth- God is present in every Jiva; there is no other God besides that. He who serves Jiva, serves God indeed” The question we should be asking ourselves is whether […]

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Vivekananda Rock Memorial- Mahasangam of India

September 2, 2021

One of the most magnificent architectural marvels of India will mark its 51 years on 2nd September, 2021. There are numerous monuments in India and outside India which aim towards making us relive our history but none quite match this one. Kanyakumari may be considered as the only living hallmark of purity and unity in […]

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The Anti-Hindu Government

August 18, 2021

The Jharkhand Government again come with its new appeasement policy. This time in the employment sector. The state government led by the coalition of JMM and Congress passed the proposal according to which Hindi and Sanskrit dropped from the list of main languages papers that candidates appearing for exams conducted by the Jharkhand Staff Selection […]

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July 24, 2021

With the motto “Nationalise the Labour, Labourise the Industry and Industrialise the Nation” Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh was established on the occasion of the 99th birth anniversary of veteran freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak, in Bhopal on 23rd July 1955. Dattopant Thengadi, who was one of the most vociferous proponents of Swadeshi and Aatmnirbhar Bharat founded Bhartiya […]

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May 28, 2021

~ by Abhijeet Kumar Bhatt Savarkar’s life has different shades. It has dichotomy between before incarceration and after incarceration. Before incarceration he was a young revolutionary whose fierce speeches inspired persons like Madan Lal Dhingra which eventually lead to slaying of scoundrel like Curzon Wyllie and after incarceration, he became a more sober strategic planner […]

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कोरोना का तथ्यपरक विश्लेषण

May 5, 2021

Article🖋विनय सहरावत भारत में प्रतिदिन 3 से 4 लाख के बीच covid cases आ रहे हैं, ठीक भी उसी संख्या मे हो रहे हैं. मौतों का आकंडा भी रोज बढ़ ही रहा है, सरकारी आंकड़ों पर विश्वास कम है, वास्तविक मौतें कहीं ज्यादा हो रही हैं. इस बात का प्रमाण श्मशान घाट और कब्रिस्तान के […]

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Swami Vivekananda and the Pandemic Panic

April 29, 2021

~ Nikhil Yadav Epidemics and pandemics have devastated the human race throughout its existence. From prehistoric times to the present modern-days we have noticed numerous pandemics and medical emergencies right through history. While some even turned as devastating as the fourteenth century ‘’Bubonic plague ’’ which was also known as the Black Death causing millions […]

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आग की लपटों में घिरी देवभूमि उत्तराखंड

April 7, 2021

~ मोनिका रावत समाचार और हालात देखते ही एक बार फिर से आपदा प्रबंधन, पर्यावरणीय सुरक्षा, बहुमूल्य वनस्पति एवं वन्यजीवों के संरक्षण जैसे बहुत से प्रश्नों पर विचार करने को मन ने विवश कर दिया है। जहाँ एक और दुनिया कोरोना महामारी से जंग लड़ रही है वहीं दूसरी और उत्तराखंड के जंगल और जानवरों […]

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फुलदेई, छम्मा देई, दैणी द्वार, भर भकार, ये देली स बारंबार नमस्कार…

March 14, 2021

~ मोनिका रावत अर्थात् यह देहरी फूलों से भरपूर और मंगलकारी हो। सबकी रक्षा करे और घरों में अन्न के भंडार कभी खाली न होने दे।यूँ तो देवभूमि अपनी अपार सुंदरता के लिए हमेशा से ही विख्यात है लेकिन उतराखंडी समाज हमे इस सुंदरता को बनाये रखने की प्रेरणा भी देता है। प्रकृति के प्रति […]

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Once Upon a Time in Delhi

December 2, 2020

Nikhil Yadav  Many historians have distorted History to suit the needs of the governments, and it’s hard to find any difference between court historians working for monarchs and today’s historians who are so-called modern day rational, scientific historians working in democratic setups because we see biases in both their writings. It is the result of […]

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Sister Nivedita: the friend of all – Nikhil Yadav and Maitri Rautela.

October 27, 2020

The mother’s heart, the hero’s willThe sweetness of the southern breeze,The sacred charm and strength that dwell,On Aryan altars, flaming, free;All these be yours and many more,No ancient soul could dream before-Be thou to India’s future son,                                      The mistress, servant, friend in one -Swami Vivekananda (The complete Works of SV /Volume6)    In a poem written […]

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October 24, 2020

~ by Dr. Dev Desai The thought process culminating in this article was provoked by few incidents of the recent past- the Tanishq ad withdrawal, beheading of a teacher in Paris by a radical Muslim etc. While Hinduism prides itself upon being the last significant pagan faith still left standing, despite nearly millennium long brutal […]

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