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To all my dear most young Swanmsevaks

Being too emotional after witnessing today’s grand arrival of Shree Ram to His own abode after a long journey of full of sacrifices and a fierce struggle, I write to all of you that till this date whatever achievements we all have witnessed, don’t belong to us at all because we did nothing to make this day. Our hard work is yet to be done! This day is the fruit of those Divine Souls
whose persistent penance and sacrifice never ever stopped even for a single second.Therefore, today’s day wholly belongs to those Divine Souls who sacrificed everything whatever came in between them and their sole goal i.e. bringing grandeur to Mother India. We all shall learn from those Divine Souls and shall place them as our only role models or mentors. If we want our coming generation to witness this type of grand festival which can bring back the lost pride and prosperity our Mother India had, we all must follow those Divine Souls’ actions with blind faith selflessly and tirelessly.

The 21st Century is the century of knowledge. The knowledge is going to be the centrifugal force for all the worldly and unworldly attractions of this century and the coming centuries. The one who possesses it will rule the whole world undoubtedly. Therefore, we must strive for knowledge from now on to repeat the same history of hard work and sacrifice which were paid by our ideological fathers in exchange of today’s event.

No matter wherever we are, which profession we choose, we shall remain extremely conscious, faithful and devoted to our beloved nation with rich knowledge of our respective fields to serve Mother India in the ever best manner.

The Sangh, I firmly suppose, is the all time best mean to serve our duty to this eternal entity (भारत मां) because it doesn’t only provide us the best platform to serve the nation but also shapes us to achieve our personal, spiritual, social, material goals and so many others. Keeping in touch with the Sangh means, I personally feel, keeping in touch with the kind and selfless God Who cares us as no one can in exchange of nothing. This may sound metaphorical but this is a real personal experience of many living and left (died) Swamsevaks and mine too.

In the last, I shall appeal to all of you that-
Let’s try being those who have shown us this day! Let’s imbibe those teachings they followed and applied while living a सघं मय life!
Let’s do what they did!
Let’s eat what they ate!
Let’s wear what they wore!
Let’s think how and what they thought!
Let’s live how they lived!
Let’s leave the world how they left taking nothing but eternal peace and never never ending satisfaction, giving us nothing but the whole beautiful Bharat they toiled to make what they wanted it to be!

Wishwa Pratap, LLB (Final year), University of Delhi.

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