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Promoting unity, Resisting divisive forces, and Safeguarding our core values in JNU !!

The JNU campus is renowned for its democratic principles and cultural values. Whether celebrating Lohri or observing the month of Ramzan, the JNU student community embraces each festival with enthusiasm. JNUites also commemorate Onam in October/November, highlighting its significance in Hindu society across India. Onam, a vibrant and exuberant festival, symbolizes unity and abundance, fostering camaraderie and reinforcing cultural bonds. It is a colorful tapestry of traditions, joy, and harmony, showcasing India’s cultural richness.

In this distinguished campus, we witness the epitome of “Unity in Diversity.” However, there is a noticeable shift towards polarization in festival celebrations at JNU. As a member of the Hindu community, I have observed the communist faction within JNU insulting Hindu idols and rituals under the guise of communism. Their primary objective seems to be creating religious polarization, targeting our gods and idols.

Whether it’s the attack during the Ramnavami celebration of 2022 or the lack of active participation in Durga Puja celebrations, the Hindu community at JNU consistently becomes a soft target. The communists, particularly from AISA and SFI, have been known to abuse and threaten volunteers during door-to-door fund collection, asserting that Hindu gods are merely “pieces of stone.”

Conversely, their elected representatives in hostel and mess committees consistently establish Ramzan Committees, ensuring facilities for students fasting during Ramadan. During the Grand Iftaar celebration, communist members gather, displaying unity. Strikingly, this unity is absent during Hindu celebrations. As Onam approaches, the communists once again polarize the Hindu community, evident in serious threats against non-communist Malayali students, particularly from SFI, warning of consequences in their hometowns in Kerala.

JNU, where we once willingly contributed to extra mess bills for someone else’s Iftaar party, has also been the site of leftist plans for a “Beef Party,” accompanied by abuses directed at Hindu gods and goddesses.
It is crucial for us to stand firmly with our fellow students facing apartheid-like situations and experiencing increasing ghettoization.

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