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Brahmastra against China- Russian S-400 Triumph Missile System

                                                                           By- Abhinav Singh                                                              

New Delhi, June 26 2020: The Government of India has begun the process of filling up gaps in Defence preparedness, making good pending purchases, sharing up supplies and improving inventory profile based on worst -case scenario including a two-front fight.

China has already acquired the S-400 system from its Northern neighbor and this fact may have added to India s’ concerns. Defence Minister was on a 3- day visit to Moscow from Monday at the invitation of the Russian Defence Minister to attend the 75th Anniversary of Victory Day Parade the Parade saw the participation of 75 members strong Indian contingent.

During the visit, Rajnath Singh had met the Russian Deputy PM Yury Barisov. India has request for Defence Equipment in 2-3 months and is waiting for an official listed to hand over from New Delhi. Russia was positive on Indian request and assured of Early delivery.

The Ministry of Defence has signed a $ 5.2 billion deal for five regiments of S-400 Triumph Missile Defence Systems. The S-400 Triumph is one of the Worlds’ Most advance Air Defence Systems that can track many incoming objects all kinds of aircraft, missiles and UAV S in a radius of a few hundred kilometers and launch appropriate missiles to neutralize of the ongoing stand -off between Russia and Western nations.

The S-400 is an integrated air Defence system featuring Radius, command and control equipment and four types of surface -to -air missiles. The highly automated S-400 has radars that can pick up an incoming object up to a 1,000 Kilometers away, track several dozen incoming uses 4 different types of missiles and can track and shoot down incoming objects as far away as 400 kilometers, while it also has shorter- range missiles to track and shot down objects that are closer.

The Countries which have S-400 Triumph Missile System are China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India and Qatar. 

The Missiles will be deployed in National Capital Region But also in Mumbai- Baroda Industrial corridor.

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