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How to “Go Vocal and Support Local’’

We all know that how China has formed its hegemony on developing countries like India, due to which lots of local  and small scale industry are depended on it. Even local toy seller and other shop owner are dependent on Chinese goods which help them to survive and get their bread and butter.

Banning 59 chinese apps by the Government of India is really a good move. But we have to find alternatives of Chinese goods and servicrs we import.  If we really want to become atma nirbhar we need to establish our own industries which produce our goods this will not only boost make in India initiative,  but increase our GDP, employment and our support for local. Not only ruling party  but also each and every party should come together to make this possible, because in the end nation comes first and that’s the only way to come out of china’s  hegemony.

Recently government of India banned 59 Chinese apps pertaining to national security of the country and also a reply to Chinese hegemony. This was a great move and a big slap on Chinese communist party which is creating violence everywhere .  Apart from this, the  government should support Indian based industry and business, and promote it as much as possible. Many countries have banned Huwaei and ZTE such as USA and  UK pertaining to national security & protest  against China for spread of COVID19 and not informing it on timely basis.

Recently  Mukesh Ambani ( World 5th richest man ) launched Reliance JIO 5G network to provide world fastest internet connection. Every development in this world has its pros and cons let discuss some pros and cons of reliance 5G network

Pros –

  1. Killer speeds: If you are close enough to one of the 5G towers with your 5G phone, you will be able to download entire episodes of HD programs in a manner of seconds.
  2. Less tower congestion:  On 5G, this will no longer be an issue. This means that people won’t feel like they are competing against each other for the tower using their cell phone on internet-based activities like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, sending/receiving email, web browsing, searching maps and directions, and reading news with all of the other users at crowded venues like sporting events, concerts and festivals
  • New technology options: As network speeds have increased, more and more tasks are being transitioned from the world of computers to the world of smart devices. With the increasing network speeds, this could open new doors for smart device technology that may not have been available.

    Cons –
  1. Broadcast distance/building penetration: One catch is that these frequency waves can only travel a short distance. Just like 5 GHz, Wi-Fi doesn’t travel as far as 2.4 GHz WI-Fi, and 5G cellular will not travel as far from the tower as 4G.
  • Battery drain/heat: Phones running on 5G will experience a huge battery drain. Better battery technology will be needed if the object is to run your phone a full day on a single charge running a 5G connection.
  • Upload speeds: With the current technology, users see download speeds as high as 1.9 Gbps; however, rarely are the upload speeds seen over 100 Mbps. Granted, this is far superior to 4G LTE.

India is blessed with range of festivals within a span of fews months hundered of festival would be celebrated by people of India. During these  festivals lakhs of rupees are spend on Chinese goods rather supporting local Indian goods. Thus during lockdown many sisters and mothers are preparing own rakhi and selling it too earn some money and support Indian made goods. Even govt should do something too promote more and more Indians goods. Like putting heavy taxes on Chinese goods. Tax  exemption for Indian goods. The Govt should also plan economic packages to support local vendors, seller   and shopkeepers.

– Niket. 

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