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–Written By: Ashish Mishra

–English Translation: Shubham Pandey

A few years back, our Param Pujya Sarsanghchalak Ji of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) had once said that the Swayamsewaks don’t take much time to get ready for any emergency. Today when the time has come when the world is grieving with a situation of a widespread global pandemic posed by novel COVID-19, the Swayamsewaks have once again kept their promise and stand shoulder to shoulder with the nation and the humanity at large in combating a challenging phase of mankind.

Today the society could understand the selfless service of these Swayamsewaks, mostly from ‘Sewa Bharati’ distributing food to the sisters in the streets of Old Delhi who are often seen with disrespect and boycotted by the public authorities and to the workers/labours stranded at the borders of the national capital with a desire to rush to their dear ones safely. It was extremely hearting whelming to see a mother of Jammu donating her entire savings for holy pilgrimage to ‘Sewa Bharati’ for continuing to provide food to the needy. Even after all this, sometimes, it really pains me why a certain group of people abuse Sangh and call it as ‘Hindu Terrorists’. A Swayamsewak never hopes for an incentive in return for his/her service to the nation and should never expect because it’s a duty towards Maa Bharati.

Today the world has transformed itself from shaking hands to Namaste for greeting people due to fear from a virus which has posed a grave threat to mankind. A sudden transformation to Namaste is only because to practice Social Distancing for preventing the spread of the deadly COVID-19. Respect for everyone with Social Distancing has always been an ingredient of the Indian philosophy and those ‘progressive minds’ who mocked these values as ‘backwardness’ are now helpless but to adore them for survival.

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