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Badlee: Revolutionising the social media into social ‘service’ media

Social media has transformed our lives in various ways. It has made the exchange of information easier and cheaper through various platforms over the internet. But with the advent of time and rapid rise in the user base on social media platforms, we have started witnessing the ill-effects of what began as a revolution on the internet. Today, we are living in a time when sharing of information has lost ground in the face of sharing of misinformation. Negativity has overpowered positivity on the social media and this in itself is its biggest failure. Is it time that we move ahead from mere sharing of information to sharing of something that constitutes a real part of our lives?

Let us travel back to the time when we were kids. We, at school, used to share Books, Computer games, Movies, Tazos, Beyblades, and Trump cards among other things. Those were the days when we used to experience so many things and spend for few. ‘Sharing is caring, caring is loving’ used to have a real meaning for all of us. Now when we look back, what we shared were not just commodities, but lifelong bonds in the form of friendships that actually last. Badlee, an online app-based platform, has dared to systematize the idea of sharing in the world of social media. Talking about the idea, Rohan Pareek, Co-Founder of Badlee, says “In today’s world too, we need such sharing, which could make consumption easier and more economical. We are grown-ups and just like that we have a lot of things to offer to each other. Imagine having a big community, where I have got something, and you have got something but together we have everything we want. Just imagine! No one would have to buy something they use once or twice a month. We’d have everything we wish for”.

Badlee is a social media platform which aims at encouraging the ‘shareconomy’. It is not just another online classified service, It is providing a state of the art socializing platform, where people just don’t socialize, they show care for each other, they offer help and they get to know the real feel of community life. Rohan further adds “How often do you use that Hot Wheel toy you purchased when you were a kid? Don’t you think it is about time that you lend it to some other kid? Or how often are you willing to wear that expensive tuxedo you are going to buy for your sister’s wedding? Why buy when you can borrow? Borrow it from someone instead, at Badlee.”

Social media has outlived its purpose today in many respects and what we need today is a form of media that serves us, and not exploits us. Badlee boasts of being a social ‘service’ network and not just a social network and touches upon the real essence of an online platform. The Internet is a world of innovation and any platform that breeds on the collective premise of innovation and service deserves a word of appreciation.

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