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YUVA JNU Volunteers Install Earthen Pots in JNU on World Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day, YUVA JNU volunteers installed the earthen pots in different places on the JNU campus including different hostel premises and open areas where other animals and bird species come to quench their thirst. YUVA JNU celebrated the importance of this day, as it is one of the main ways for all ecologists and environmental organizations to draw the attention of the world community to ecological problems, as well as to stimulate political interest and appropriate action aimed at protecting the environment.                                   

 While installing these pots in different places on campus, it was discussed.

 World Environment Day is an event for every person and the whole world. Since the celebration began in 1972, residents of many countries have held thousands of events, from cleaning around their homes, planting trees, and ending with the fight against wildlife crime. Over the years, thousands of people from different countries and social sectors have participated in special activities to protect the environment. Today, this day provides an opportunity for each of us to take responsibility for caring for our planet and actively contribute to change.

 The solution to this problem lies in the transformation of our economy and society. Humanity has been exploiting and destroying the ecosystems of planet Earth for far too long. Every three seconds, the world is losing a football field-sized area of ​​forest, and over the past century, half of the planet’s wetlands and coral reefs have been destroyed. The loss of the ecosystem deprives the world of “carbon sinks” such as forests and peatlands. Global greenhouse gas emissions have increased for three consecutive years, and the planet is one step away from possible catastrophic climate change. 

The policies of the government must be inclusive, fair, and connected to nature. We must move from hurting the planet to healing it. It is necessary to allow the world’s population to actively promote sustainable and equitable development. To promote the understanding that we, our society, are the main driving force for changing approaches to environmental issues. Also, to explain the usefulness of partnerships so that all countries and people have a safer and more prosperous future.

 YUA JNU urges the JNU community to give their support and encourage others to take such steps towards making this world a beautiful place to live in and to save the environment.

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