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Wildlife Photography

–Written By Adee Singh

About The Bird Species
The painted stork (Mycteria leucocephala) is a large wader in the stork family. Their distinctive pink tertial feathers of the adults give them their name. It is found in the wetlands of the plains of tropical Asia south of the Himalayas in the Indian Subcontinent and extending into Southeast Asia. They nest colonially in trees, often along with other waterbirds. The only sounds they produce are weak moans or bill clattering at the nest. 

How I captured it-
“I half fell into a river while clicking this photograph”
Since I didn’t have a super zoom lens with me, I had to make do with moving to the edge of the boat we were traveling in to capture this photograph. I was literally balanced on the very edge with a part of me hanging over the boat & when the boat rocked just slightly, I totally lost my balance & almost fell entirely in the river. Luckily, just luckily I was somehow able to keep my camera safe from the water, before some of my fellow travellers pulled me back in! Needless to say, I did get a scolding from the boatman, and more thana a few shocked, angry (and even amused) stares from my fellow travellers. The takeaway out of all this? was that I was able to capture the photograph with the storm making direct eye contact with me and my camera.

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