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The idea of Campus Chronicle

The very idea of Campus Chronicle began with the observation that a large majority of students were increasingly getting disenchanted with the campus’ political atmosphere. The disenchanted section consists a large number of visionary students whose intellectual vigor was getting drained. It is a terrible tragedy that despite having a favourable demographic dividend, the society and the nation was unable to utilize this enormous potential energy. This nation was built upon the ability to convert this potential into kinetic energy. We as a nation have suffered great losses throughout the timeline of our vast history where the inactivity of our youth led to the servility of the nation. If we revisit the reasons for our enslavement, we would find that it wasn’t the excesses of the invaders but the dormancy of the youth. In the battle of Plassey, the constructive forces remained silent spectators, standing beside the battle field and didn’t unite to tackle the British. Consequently, India was chained by British for two centuries.

Thus, YUVA thought of developing a platform, where firstly, apolitical constructive forces could converge and their ideas could condense and strengths magnified to contribute towards nation building. Secondly, these forces would be able to influence the campus discourses across the country towards every narrative which relates to ‘India’ or ‘Indianness’. This is how the idea of Campus Chronicle was conceived. It is an unique and first of its kind magazine, entirely owned and run by students. It is an alternative new media which would prove to be a powerful apolitical and democratic mouthpiece of students. The magazine is an attempt to shifting media’s Centre of Gravity and establish student’s own media.

The focus of the magazine would not be only on the premise of ideas, discourses and researches in academic disciplines, rather it would also provide refreshing and entertaining content to the students. We have divided the content into two broad categories of ‘Campus’ and ‘Academics’. The campus part would deal with Campus News, Lifestyle, Confessions, Success Stories, etc. The Academics part would deal with contemporary issues and discourses in the social and political economic premises. It would also deal with developments in majors of the campuses.

For the launching edition we have received nationwide contributions from young authors across issues and disciplines. We have been able to gain a large pool of authors in the very first edition. The trend is encouraging for the Campus Chronicle’s team. We are optimistic about achieving our goal. We hope that the universities are finally getting a prominent mouthpiece that is refreshing in its originality and exceptional in its quality.

All the best to the team Campus Chronicle.

Jai Hind!

Campus Chronicle

YUVA’s debut magazine Campus Chronicle is a first of its kind, and holds the uniqueness of being an entirely student-run monthly magazine.

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