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Stress and Winning Stress

Stress is a feeling of emotional tension which may lead to physical tension. Most of the crucial decisions in our life we make might occur when we’re stressed or let’s say when it’s important, we’re stressed and anxious about it. For example, remember when we had to choose a subject for our higher studies? or when we have to go to the interview? – we feel anxious. We’re often supposed to weigh up information in a short span of time and take the result out of it. So, is it worth it? Are we getting any better at it?

It feels like a needle in the head, the tightness of the rib cage and trembling in arms. The heaviness it brings to the body makes it even more difficult for the situation to tackle. Some people feel so anxious they can’t breathe properly, feeling overwhelmed as if they’re losing control. That’s not it, it may lead to diseases in the long term like heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Sleep problems, weight gain, memory and concentration impairment and even decreases our capability to think. How does this stress get under our skin? What can we do about it? 

Stress is a situational thing, it will pass with time. We need to build personal resources to get through it. How a person reacts to a situation determines its effects on overall health. I can’t remember a moment I didn’t know that I was vulnerable. I felt it constantly from my childhood even without knowing it. I get anxious, start overthinking and then it starts getting harder to breathe. With my sister, when something bad happens she might withdraw into herself for some time, but she tends to bounce back within hours. Different people have different reactions to things, and their reaction determines how much it affects them.

How do we tackle it? Most people try to escape the situation for some time. Going for a walk in nature, switching to your favorite show, eating your favorite food or coffee etc. There are a few ways I have explored that really help with this in daily lives.

Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, the foremost thing to do is take deep breaths and tell yourself that everything is alright, this helps.


Movement of the body is important more than you think. Research has shown that exercise reduces memory impairment in subjects with stress. In this digital world of online classes and work from home, we hardly move our bodies. So get some moves, dance, exercise or yoga, anything that suits you. 


The pandemic showed us the mirror where we stand in terms of health. So yes, eat right. Oily and junk food ain’t going to help. Feed your brain good food.


BK Shivani, the spiritual teacher said in an interview that Meditation was a luxury to acquire in earlier days, but now it is a necessity to meditate every day. In this era of excess information and overloaded work, it is important to recharge the battery inside your brain. 

Priority Management:

Make a to-do list every morning, and work accordingly. Chaos creates stress. Arrangement of things in order solves most problems. 


It is important to relax in the right way. Discover some hobbies, read some books, start planting, take an after-work shower, apply face masks, listen to nice music, detox yourself from the digital world, start journaling, play soccer etc. Small things in our daily routine soothe our minds and bring us satisfaction. When we are satisfied and happy with ourselves we can conquer the world. 


Last but not the least, share. Do share your thoughts and your worries that cause you stress. It helps. Share with your best friend, sister, brother, parents or boyfriend. They might help with something you don’t have any idea about.

About the Author – SWATI SINGH, Journalist. I like to create art. Singing is my therapy and I love spending time with nature. I pen my thoughts down to share my perception of this world.

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