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Review of Sudha Murty’s Dollar Bahu

Dollar Bahu is a story of middle aspirations. To settle in a foreign land and earn in foreign currency. It is considered a sign of prestige if your family members have settled abroad.

Interestingly this story does not have a single protagonist or villain. There are just people shaped by their circumstances.

It is a story of a homemaker mother who had to tie her hands on expenses due to the meagre income of her husband. She wants to live a lavish and prestigious lifestyle which can only be funded or found in the land of nectar and honey “The US”. She might seem greedy to you when you start to read the book. But think about it once, who doesn’t want wealth and prestige??

It is also the story of an orphan who tries to be the best daughter-in-law. She is a gem of a human being but she is never appreciated by her mother-in-law. She is not Dollar Bahu. Which implies she does not bring the famed and powerful dollar into the house. She brings rupees though. She is both a homemaker and a working woman. Yes, it happens and I used both these words intentionally. She is never enough even though she toils day and night for the house.

Finally, it is the story of Dollar Bahu who comes from a rich household and gets to marry the NRI. For her story, you need to read the book.

The book is a beautiful intermingling of family emotions, ambition and immigrant life.

How the famed immigrant life can also be painful and comes with a set of its own problems. Though the book is short, it will bring a lot of emotions and make you think about the priorities in life. How the American dream both works and doesn’t. How people are basically just shaped by how they respond to the conditions around them. How can everyone be right and wrong at the same time?

Sudha Murty brings us the best of the stories in the best of forms. The story of people around us. It is the best thing in all of her writings. I would advise you to read her works. Especially those who do not like big books and complex vocabulary. Although, I want everyone to give it a read.

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Shubhank Singh Chouhan, BTech ( Mechanical Engineering), DTU 21′
Worked as a content writer for Loud Revel. Currently Preparing for Civil Services

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