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People of India write a letter to J&K on Independence day, wishes bright future ahead.

–Written By Sushant Dogra

A Heartfelt letter from a brother to another

Dear brothers in J&K,

I address you this letter in the capacity of a son of the common soil that bore us all for centuries and also on behalf of millions of citizens of this country welcome you all on board of this flight that shall chart its route towards development and progress. It is not unknown that we form part of the oldest and greatest civilization on the earth and we are proud of the same. This land not only provides fertility to different cultures to flourish but also grant protection to them. It is also important that we recognize and appreciate the common bonds we shared based upon the idea of promoting peace, prosperity and brotherhood.

The beauty of the valley had been marvellously expressed as ” agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, hameen at-o hameen at-o Hameen ast” meaning if there is a paradise on this it is this by a well known Sufi musician, artist and scholar from India, Amir Khusrao. Such is the eloquence of the region that even words fall short of description.

Unfortunately, in the past few decades, it is witnessed that the region trembles with horror and unrest eventually radiating fear and terror among its inhabitants, with hundreds of youth being misguided in the name of religion and freedom their future remains uncertain. Agency of humanity was threatened ever since with increased activities of militancy which has spared none. Thousands of brave Indian soldiers sacrificed their lifeguarding the lives of people settled there and the decision marks a tribute to them.

We must realize the fact that we bleed the same colour and share the pain that our brothers suffered at the instance of anti-social and anti-national elements. For decades the heaven on earth had been painted red and lives of people in misery, the future of thousands of youth disillusioned and foggy and safety and security threatened.

We stake a claim on mutual cooperation and progress leading towards everlasting peace and prosperity in the region, ensuring safety and security for people and cherishing the noble ideas that continue to guide every generation irrespective of the gender, caste and creed. This landmark development has paved the way for a bright future which awaits for the thousands of youth in the region and bringing them into the national mainstream development and effectively safeguarding socio-economic interests of our citizens.

We are a progressive nation-state which is marching towards achieving inclusive growth and development. and therefore It is for us to decide the legacy and the kind of world that we want to leave for our generation to come and therefore we must pledge to secure this by making the right decision to secure this end which is best in interest for our people and country.

Yours truly loving brother

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