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MOLESTATION: An Everyday Issue. Right?

Molestation, Harassment, Assault, Violence, Abuse. The country is plunged into and hover around these, as if it is a daily chaos that has to be performed. Everywhere everyday, there are cases where a girl is harassed, raped and thrown away. I cannot understand that how an individual can be so inhumane and immoral.

University of Delhi recently witnessed an issue of alleged harassment where, a minor student from Haryana, in her first year of graduation was molested by an Ad-Hoc Professor of the Political Science department, Abhay Kumar. He has the teaching experience of 18 years and was removed from SRCC because of similar reasons. He insisted students to call him by his first name and not to mention ‘Sir,’ then he exchange numbers and send ‘uncomfortable and abrupt’ messages asking the students for their pictures, a cup of coffee and others. The complaint was lodged against him at Maurice Nagar police station on 31st of January 2018. The minor girl stated that the teacher used to stare and wink at her during classes. He passed unnecessary comments and inquired about her relationship status. “He told me, I am looking hot and sexy and then touched me inappropriately and tried to come closer to me,” said the girl. She also mentioned that he used to threaten her to fail in examinations and also for the attendance.

The college’s students protested against him and around 500+ students gathered in front of the Principal’s office raising slogans like, “We want justice,” “DRC stands against harassment” and sharing pictures on facebook and instagram with the caption #justiceforDRC. The students along with the College Union demanded for immediate arrest and rustication of his teaching license, on which the principal Dr. Savita Roy promised and ensured that he will not be seen in the college from now onwards and also that legal actions will be taken against him. The college administration told the students that ‘He has submitted his resignation and it is under consideration’ but that document was never shown. The question that arises here is, why didn’t they show the resignation letter, how someone who has been resigned on “serious charges” can be allowed to take classes and also, how the students attended his class despite of being aware of everything, why didn’t they boycott. After some time, SFI (Student Federation of India) rushed into the college, protested and demanded for the establishment of “GSCASH committee” (Gender Sensitization Committee against Sexual Harassment). But very soon they had to leave because of no prior permission and also for DRC being a non-DUSU college.

Yes, he was arrested and the crowd dispersed. Few of the students were happy and some lost in their own questions that were left unanswered. I, being a student of Daulat Ram college was bethinking that why things were kept confidential, and why such cases happen so frequently, why the voices that are heard few days back are forgotten after a certain time span, and why everyone screams, “Have faith and belief in the system, we won’t disappoint you” because I do not think I returned back with a satisfied heart.

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Somya Kumari

Saumya Kumari, English honours second year student of Daulat Ram College, DU)

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