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Author: Somya Kumari

Saumya Kumari, English honours second year student of Daulat Ram College, DU)


David Rubin says, “To Premchand belongs the distinction of creating the genre of the serious short-story and the serious novel as well-in both Hindi and Urdu.” (The World of Premchand. Oxford, 2001.) Premchand, who is originally known as Dhanpat Rai Srivastava was born on 31st July 1880 in Benaras (at present, Varanasi). Earlier he used…

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Delhi University Student’s Union is formed after a contest of election where all the mindful and mindless games are played. What they do in the name of campaigning is, litter the streets with pamphlets and throw the same on passers-by, mobilize students on a large scale, create dirt all around, jam the roads with SUVs,…

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DUSU Elections: Who Bribes the more

DUSU elections are the sadistic festival of money, muscle and power. Students under the affiliation of different political parties play a heinous game where no one sees anything and steps into this, termed as ‘bad politics.’ DUSU elections are no wonder the magnificent sight to behold where there are too many clashes and disruptions. The…

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Homo sapiens sapiens: Wicked and Inhuman, More Inhumane

Disparities are there. There is caste. There is religion. But mind it. Above all is humanity and its existence is lost somewhere. I am not able to see the empathy and concern or the sense of being a human. The people, they are frightened and feel the need to protect themselves more from other human…

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Scream and shout or be Silent. It won’t make any difference because the one in authority is unmoved. They remain dormant and turn a deaf ear towards us. But that is not the matter because you are a student and must not behave violently, so stay calm, be disciplined and have patience. May be they…

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MOLESTATION: An Everyday Issue. Right?

Molestation, Harassment, Assault, Violence, Abuse. The country is plunged into and hover around these, as if it is a daily chaos that has to be performed. Everywhere everyday, there are cases where a girl is harassed, raped and thrown away. I cannot understand that how an individual can be so inhumane and immoral. University of…

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