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Killing of Ajay Pandita-The Follow up of TRF’s Warning?

The Resistance Front (TRF), an affiliate of the banned Pakistan based terror outfit The Lashkar E Taiba(LET). A couple of days back, the outfit issued a statement through its channels on online messaging platforms openly declared that the new domicile law was a ploy by the ruling BJP & the RSS to change  the demography of Kashmir. This statement also comes at a time when the Central government is undergoing the process of delimitation in J&K.  It became a  reality when a 40 year Sarpanch, Ajay  Pandita, who was from the Congress party was shot dead by unidentified armed militants in Anantnag on 8th June,2020. Ajay Pandita belonged to the minority Kashmiri Pandit community, probably one of the few who continued to live in the valley following the ethnic genocide that took place in 1990. The Resistance Front (TRF) claimed the responsibility for the killing of the Sarpanch. Following the killing, TRF issued another statement where they declared and warned :

The statement is a clear reflection of neigbouring Pakistan’s age long separatist propaganda in Kashmir that is aimed at harming the sovereignty and integrity of India. If we go by the words of the statement issued by TRF, we can say that, here the slain Sarpanch Pandita was a part of the so called Occupational Regime because he was a village Sarpanch, a democratically elected post which they saw as an obstacle to their propaganda driven narrative. It is also noteworthy to see that the militants did a selective killing of a person who belonged to the minority Pandit Community which eventually raise doubt in the minds of the people that “Is it an attempt to terrify the last remaining Pandit  community in the Valley”?

Riddhik Parashar

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