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Jamia Millia Islamia Stand Against Professor for Assaulting Female Student, Protest Turns Fierce

–Written By Jatin Jain

One of the eminent education destinations in Delhi is Jamia Millia Islamia which is amid a storm again. This time it started with the protest sit-in of some students of Department of Applied Arts demanding removal of their Head of Department, Mr. Hafeez Ahmed. He has been charged with harassment of female students of the department along with favoritism towards chosen ones while rude and discriminatory behavior towards others. The peaceful protest was going on for almost 8 days (as of 07th Feb, 2019) now through different means like rallies, posters and drawings at gate no. 7 of the main campus, when during such rally protestors were attacked by some students who were accompanying the HoD in presence of security guards of the varsity. Students have been assaulted physically including some girls, their modesty also attacked and attempts being made to torn off their clothes, as claimed in the videos. A girl, Deepika, student of the faculty had to be admitted to the hospital on the night of 7th February. Whole of student community of the university is raging with anger after videos of the incidents surfaced and got viral. The protesting students have garnered support not only from the different section of the Jamia students but also from various colleges of the Delhi. After the attack students protested in front of Vice-Chancellor office and were their next day. All this while, it seems that the administration has failed to act against the assailants and pacifying those on protest.

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