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Indianised Valentine- Valentine with a difference

“Helping one person might not change the whole world but it could change the world got one person.” With the very thought in mind, a group of students from different colleges of DU have chained up with a hope to make a difference.
The spirited minds run on the passionate thought that “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”, and that even their small-scale pocket sized donations can surely help to bring a change in the society, stepping ahead towards a better India.
This is unique initiative carried by campus students aim to carry the noble idea of help and happiness. According to these students nothing can bring more content and happiness than helping the needy.
Stressing on their goals and putting it to actions, the student organised a “donation drive” on 14 Feb. With a beautiful message  of, “If our country be our Valentine, no poor can die of cold and hunger”, these students distributed blankets. They also stressed that our culture promotes donation works and no worship can be more pious than donation to needy at the eve of Mahashivratri. They went to hospitals, footpaths and slums and distributed blankets. They interacted with patients in the hospital, gave them moral support and promised to help the best way they can.
The students decided that at the end of every month with the aid of voluntary donations they will visit orphanages, slums and more to distribute useful stuffs and help the needy. By putting a smile on someone’s face, we can bring happiness in our life.
They expect help from every corner and those interested to join them can reach to these student through-
Not only few can change the entire nation, lets join them to bring positive changes in the society. Let’s make efforts if not eradicate then at least lessen the ills of poverty, beggary and illiteracy from India.

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