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I am a DU student and I condemn the act of blackening Savarkar’s bust

–Written By Sushant Dogra

I am a student of Delhi University and I condemn the act of blackening the bust of VD Savarkar installed at North campus, University of Delhi.In the stroke of midnight several known antisocial elements around North Campus from Indian National Congress affiliated NSUI threw ink on Savarkars bust and garlanded it with shoes taking student politics to a new low.The act is seen as a desperate attempt to revive its dimnishing stardom and attract publicity In the hope of pleasing ones political masters.

2019 election results have put congress on Life support system which struggles to maintain its national identity and the same is reflected in its unpopular hysterical publicity stunts.  You will not be recognized as a freedom fighter unless you fulfill the criteria specified by the Indian national congress (INC).One fails to understand that how is it that people recognized and celebrated by the Congress party have made greter contribution to the cause of Independence but others have not! It is not unknown that the infamous power corridors of lutyens often classified freedom fighters based on ideologies.

Article 19 of the Indian constitution guarantees Freedom of speech and expression which is often mischievously construed to pursue individual interests.It is highly unfortunate that even the spirits of dead soul are often auctioned to achieve self gains.

This country is built on concrete foundations of sacrifices made by unnamed, unsung and unglorified heroes whose name shall never be heard of due to self appeasing politics .Their dreams and aspirations for this country’s prosperity are reflective of the same.

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