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Hindus are not safe in JAMIA

In a popular imagination, University is a place of learning, exchange of ideas and thoughts, but this is not true with Indian Universities. In recent times we have witnessed several protest across the Indian universities where students belonging to one particular ideology showed immense level of intolerance and resistance towards other ideas and thoughts which have found uttrenace after a very long suppression. This is what is called totalitarianism.  Students in most of the Indian universities are intoxicated with one particular ideology. A totalitarian authority always works to control the mind of the people. Most of the Indian universities are similar to Oceania territory of George Orwell’s book 1984. In which totalitarianism authority takes away freedom by installing surveillance and limiting activity. They even had Thought police for catching people for Thoughtcrime. When free Thought or different thought is a crime it is called ThoughtCrime. The authority uses media to confuse and mislead masses. A totalitarian authority tries not only to control thoughts but also emotions and actions of its subjects. It not only dictates you what not to think but also what to think, it creates an ideology for you, it tries to govern your emotional and personal life by setting moral code of conducts.  Teaching and Learning has been betrayed by turning into indoctrination and totalitarianism.

One such case of Totalitarianism has come from Delhi’s Jamia Milia Islamia University where few radical students and some professors and proctors of university administration are now working in tandem to suppress one particular thought. Students have different sets of views, thoughts and opinions are being ostracized from classrooms, department whatsapp group. They are being abused and threatened and given all sorts of Mental torture at a time when the exams are near. It will surely have negative effects on their performance in the exam. Such incidents have increased after the Kathua rape case and AMU protest.

After the Kathua rape case few radical students deliberately targeted Hindu religious symbols, gods and goddesses.  And after Aligarh Muslim University protest attacks became more and more personal. But the administration chosed to ignore all this and remained silent. When the endurance level of students crossed all the limits. They decided to protest against the the torture of the Hindus in the campus. Earlier a student of Engineering branch was beaten up for speaking up against Jinnah. Surprisingly, Jamia’s VC supports hanging of Jinnah’s portrait in AMU

Few called this protest an attack. But as we can see in the video there is nothing like attack, its just only a protest. So claim of attack is absurd. Few leading media organizations found slogans of Jinnha Premi Bharat choaro, Vande Matram, Bharat Mata Ki Jai as communal and  provocative.

After this protest few radical students who were against the protest launched by victim students ended up beating a muslim student black and blue. They thought he is a Sanghi. Just another example how safe people are in Jamia.  This is how totalitarian leaders, they are concerned only about power no matter how many people are harmed or beaten. They are only concerned about gaining powers.

Also after the protest Radical students affiliated to different student organizations ended up fighting among themselves and also raised slogans of destruction of a particular organization and ideology.

After the protest and even before the protest students were threatened but media choosed to highlight only one alleged threat made a person called Rahul Bhartiya. He wrote, “Jin bhi bandhuon ko Jinnah ka samarthan karna hai evam Jamia ke Hindu vidyarthiyon ko dhamkana hai, aaj shaam 6 baje Jullena Evergreen Sweets aaye, unki sutayi ka poora bandobast rakha gaya hai”.

There is nothing in the post for a non-jinnah lover to get offended. If someone has got offended by his post what does it imply ? Rahul Bhartiya also told Indian Express that he wrote that post sarcastically.

But none of the mainstream media organization reported about the threats given to these students by radical students. Media from starting to end remained biased in their approach. Media has also shown its totalitarian mindset.

Students who were protesting for the cause of the hindus have alleged that from past few months there are attempts going on to radicalize the campus. A student of law faculty was targeted and beaten up for celebrating Diwali. As per the FIR, Ajay stated that the group shouted at him saying, “Saale ko itna maaro ki ye kafir Diwali manana bhul jayen,.”(Beat him so much that he forgets to celebrate Diwali) In another incident students celebrating Holi in the campus were prevented from doing so.

These students who don’t follow totalitarian instructions are selectively targeted and some time kept at survailliance. Like this passout student claims

So the claims of current students is not baseless they hold some water. They are under survelliance for their views and Thoughts and are mentally tortured also fro commiting THOUGHTCRIME. Administration instead of taking cognizance of the matter is rather ignoring this and giving free hands to radicals to torture innocent students. There have been instances in past also where administration refused to give permission to students belonging to different thought, permission to organize function or event like Quiz or Blood donation camp. And even if the permission is granted it is given at the last moment.

Big Brother in Georger Orwell’s 1984 manipulated media to manipulate the minds of people. Same happening here also almost all the media organizations who covered this incident of Jamia did biased reporting and were keen on establishing an agenda and manipulating people. This university circle came up with conspiracy theory that person who organized the protest in the cause of Hindus is a man of Yogiaditynath who has been sent to disturb the peaceful environment of Jamia.

Thought Criminals denied this absurd conspiracy theory

Press release issued by Thought Criminals

After the protest few students have launched a campaign with placards written on it  I AM HINDU and I AM SAFE IN JAMIA.  Thought criminals have alleged that many students are doing this under peer pressure. Radicals are coercing the students to write it. And many of the students who are coming up with these placards having political affiliations with different student organizations.

It has been also found that after this incident atheist have also become Hindu and now feeling safe in Jamia.

Secular ethos of Jamia are in danger. It is slowly becoming another victim of leftist politics and their propaganda. It is clearly evident by the way one sided reporting of this event has been done. Unfreedom is being portrayed as freedom. Space for free thought is sinking. Threats and beating of students is new normal, complete chaos, complete anarchy. Still mainstream media is presenting only a rosy picture of jamia. By doing so they are only harm to Jamia in the long run. Radical and totalitarian elements in the campus will get boost from this. First way to solve the problem is to accept that there is a problem as long as we keep on denying that there is a problem the problem will keep on exacerbating and one day it will go out of hand and solution would become impossible. In the welfare of Jamia and its student it is necessary that administration must cognizance of the cases of serious threats against Hindu students rather than saving the culprits. University is not made for threats, hoolganism and suppression of thoughts and ideas.

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