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Delhi University Student’s Union is formed after a contest of election where all the mindful and mindless games are played. What they do in the name of campaigning is, litter the streets with pamphlets and throw the same on passers-by, mobilize students on a large scale, create dirt all around, jam the roads with SUVs, play loud music unnecessarily and many more. Is this how an election should be? All this noise, chaos and disturbance in a college campus is nothing more than nuisance which leads to the violation of the code of conduct. There is no one who focuses on the work agenda and basics which has to be the priority and might bring some change for the
next one year with the power in the right hand.

Gender, yet a sensitive term which is classified into two, men and women. The latter suffers and the former causes the latter to suffer so can you tell me that who exactly is responsible for the suffering? Society plays a very important role for making and degrading anything. Women participation in numerous activities be it competitions, events, campaigns, elections is regulated by the society because there are too many restrictions which has not undergone any change since a long time. They say ‘We have tried to be liberal and practical to some extent and you should not expect too much.’ Can someone bother to explain this to me? I mean are you trying to say that this is not your right and we are doing something against our duties so kindly co-operate?! DUSU election also witnesses such things when it comes to female candidates.

There are both positive and negative parts and both needs to be discussed because how can you end up criticizing everything without bringing both the face forward. The negative side can include discriminatory curfew timings of hostels, traditional college timings and restricted times imposed by families; the patriarchal power structure where the members of a panel don’t allow women to hold posts other than General Secretary and Joint Secretary; lack of encouragement, support and confidence by their own panel and team members; losing the hope of winning even
before the election is contested because they think that with women comes too many restrictions and impositions; complete absence of muscle power, masculinity and man power; personal attacks by oppositions, eve teasing,mental and emotional torture, derogatory comments and many more. While the positive side is the massive support of teachers and administrations when the contesting women candidate is independent, many other girls vote in unison just because a women candidate has stood up and came forward to shape their words and opinions, a voice of girl power is always taken more seriously, emotional card can also be played upon opponents and unknown people. But if we look at a woman’s position in an election, it is more disappointing and sad because whether it be from the side of a panel or independent they have to face too much especially the backstabbing by their own people towards the end of the D-day and the dirty political game.

This should not happen because every candidate who contests for an election reads too much for women empowerment but as soon as they win everything deletes and the newspapers and social media are flooded with articles on DUSU and WOMEN till the next election. They need to understand that the youth generation is capable to do something in every field and if they will use women empowerment cards in such a manner then this country is not going anywhere. And it is not only them but we women as well who settle down to compromise everywhere needlessly, they speak of empowering women but when it comes to them they give up. What is the point to raise other’s voices when you cannot listen to your own self?

Somya Kumari

Saumya Kumari, English honours second year student of Daulat Ram College, DU)

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