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DUSU Elections 2019: Saffron in Air

–Written By Haridarshan

RSS backed ABVP has won on 3 Seats of DUSU elections, while NSUI bagged only Secretary’s post.

The Post of President, Vice president, and joint secretary were won by ABVP’s Akshit Dahiya, Pradeep Tanwar and Shivangi Kherwal respectively, while NSUI won on one seat, Akash Chaudhary(NSUI) for Secretary’s post.

The voting percentage was less than the previous year, only 39.90 percent was recorded this year. The voting percentage was 44.46 percentage in last year DUSU Elections. NSUI also alleged of EVM malfunctioning during elections.

Counting of Votes for DUSU Election started after a 2 hours delay from the scheduled time. 144 EVMs were used for student union polls and 137 EVMs were used for college union polls.

ABVP has won by landslide margins in many college union polls. ABVP claimed that it had won in 35 Colleges. NSUI claimed for 22 Colleges.

DUSU Election Results:

  1. President
    Akshit Dahiya(ABVP) – 29685 Votes
    Chetna ( NSUI) – 10648 Votes
    Winning Margin – 19,039 Votes
  2. Vice President
    Preadeep Tanwar(ABVP) – 19858 Votes
    Ankit Bharti (NSUI) – 11284 Votes
    Winning Margin – 8,574 Votes
  3. Secretary
    Ashish Lamba(NSUI) – 20934 Votes
    Yogit Rathi (ABVP) – 18881 Votes
    Winning Margin – 2053 Votes
  4. Joint Secretary
    Shivangi Kherwal(ABVP) – 17234 Votes
    Abhishek (NSUI) – 14320 Votes
    Winning Margin – 2914 Votes

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