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YUVA society of Deshbandhu College, on 21st June on the occasion of “International Yoga
day” with the collaboration of the Physical education department of the college successfully managed to organise Yoga for all sports members, Yuva society members, Staff members and others in
the pit area of college premises. Principal Dr. Rajiv Aggarwal, Yoga practitioner Dr. Anita mam from the department of Philosophy, Rajendra sir from Physical education department, Alok sir, Jag Pal sir were present and participated in the Yoga session.
The main theme of the Yoga day this year was “Yoga for Humanity”. It began with Yoga practitioner Dr Anita mam by introducing important effects and motives of Yoga followed by many asanas and poses like Pranayama, Vajrasana, Gomukhtasana, Pawanmukhtasana and meditation etc. Students were actively participating in the event. After the successful end of the Yoga session, Dr. Rajendra addressed the participants and thanked them to join that memorable day. He also gave important benefits of Yoga in daily life and advised them to practice Yoga every day.
Principal Dr. Rajiv Aggarwal appreciated the participants and Yoga practitioners for their encouraging session and told everyone about the consequences of Yoga on the body and mind.

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