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Day: September 8, 2019

The lung of Earth is Burning: Its High Time and We should Act

The fire has been a major problem in the forests. From the last few months, the forests of Brazil is in the grip of fire. Nearly, fifty thousand sq. Metres of forest land have been burnt. The fire is so frightening that smoke is spread over 45 lakh kilometers. The capital city of Brazil, Sao…

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North East Student Fest 2019

–Written By Haridarshan My Home India is NGO working to create awareness about North East India and bridge the gap between the people of North East India and the rest of India. My Home India on the eve of 94th birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr Bhupen Hazarika organized “NEST.FEST-2019 at Weightlifting Auditorium, Jawahar Lal…

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ABVP founded in 1949 has nurtured so many student leaders , who later change the direction and discourse of the politics of country to new heights. Since its inception, it has a significant impact on student politics in different universities and educational institutions of country, and DU is no exception. Leaders like Late Shri Arun…

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