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Zakir Husain College (Evening) Administrative Breakdown, Says No to Farewell

Zakir Hussain evening college of Delhi University has become a major centre of political and student activism since the administration has repeatedly shown narrow and biased mindset. Recently, administration denied farewell programme for BA(Prog) society in the college. They also refused to entertain questions marked by students.

Student have also raised questions on the utilisation of funds of BA.Programme society.

“Where are the funds of our society? Why principal is refusing to grant permission for farewell when it is organised in all the colleges of DU? Why he refuse to meet us or settle our queries?”, said one of the students while interacting with our reporter.

Students further reported that even in the past administration showed same rigid behaviour and forced upon their undemocratic decisions on students. They have demanded stern action against those who are trying to concentrate power and leading anti-student culture in the college.

Amullaya Gupta

Amullaya is a 1st year student in Delhi University's Zakir Hussain College. He hails from Jammu and Kashmir. His great grandfather was martyred on 11th November 1947 by the Kabaili Forces and rebels from Maharaja Hari Singh Army. A patriot, Avid reader and a budding writer, he has a firm grip on the issues related to Jammu and Kashmir.

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