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YUVA celebrates ‘Rangotsav’ in Jamia Millia Islamia

It is yet three days away for the festival of colours – Holi, but its happiness in the entire country can be felt even from now on. Whether it is the various household preparations taking place or buzz in the marketplaces, Holi and its colours have begun spreading all over. The same seems to be happening in Jamia Millia Islamia where the excitement of students for this festival can be seen that instead of waiting for the actual day, the students celebrated Holi yesterday in the campus. It was organized at the symbolic Gulistan-e-Ghalib by the YUVA chapter of the university.

A large number of students joined this programme, in which everyone played Holi with gulaal. After putting each other in colour, the students also had desserts and recited poems and folk songs associated with Holi. Apart from this, the students joined from every department of the university also gave message to the countrymen about playing dry Holi and chanted slogans like “Holi hum manaege, paani hum bacaenge.” Later, the programme was also attended by the ABVP delegation of Jamia where the members of both the organising and guest shared sweets.

At the same time, Jatin Jain, member of ‘YUVA Jamia’ conveyed best wishes of Holi on behalf of the organization. He said, “YUVA being an apolitical students’ body promotes unity in diversity and respect for all customs and festivals. We believe that celebrating festivals is the best way of communal harmony and prosperity of the nation. I am happy that we keep organising such events for which we also get full support of the students.”

On celebrating the festival of Holi ahead of time, he said that most of the people who have come to study form other parts of the country, are preparing to go home in order to celebrate this big festival of the year. Taking care of this, it was decided to play Holi early.


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