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Coming from DELHI UNIVERSITY RAMJAS COLLEGE, my experience in the first few months in a private institute was not easy. But, Amity University gave me a reason to stay back and my course too. I am student doing masters of social work from Amity University, amity institute of social sciences. Amity institute of social sciences is an opportunity to learn theory and practice hand in hand with good reasoning, creative thinking and learning skills, and ability to connect with people. Dr. Nirupama Prakash (Director of Amity Institute of Social Sciences) has made extraordinary efforts to unleash the talents and skills of students in the right manner. Living in today’s competitive society, people have the ideology that we are in the race of life with no zeal if we associate ourselves with a private institution. But, it is just an opinion and is not a fact.

Amidst, all several opinions, I ,believe Amity gave me much of what I actually thought off within a span of few months. Mr. Prasant chauhan, our PL, has helped us bring some extraordinary positive changes by encouraging students to create professional social workers society and make some serious effective and visible changes to motivate and encourage students from all departments and invite students from other universities too. The recent special lecture on gender issues and social work by Kamla Bhasin on 12th February 2018 has made a remarkable positive effect in the minds of the students. The efforts of all group members of professional social workers society has been spectacular and special mention and thanks to Manaswani Saxena who took all the effort to bring Kamla Bhasin and enlighten the students with gender issues and social work. Moreover, it’s not the society or any specific department but it is the university which imparts not only world class education, but an experience where everyone associated is a part of a dream, a mission to see that we nurture truly great leaders. It is a world wherein a student is not only taught inside four walls of a classroom but two way communication, presentations, survey and field work has done justice to the students for getting knowledge in the proper manner.

Not only education, but, personality development and other skills of students are groomed in the best possible way. Placements and empowerment plays a key role in boosting every student to excel in their life in own possible ways. Again, everything in life cannot be a fairytale. A private institute has cons too, wherein pressure and attendance someway curbs the freedom to explore and experience. Delhi university had a different glory altogether but a private institution is even not lagging behind. Every situation has pros and cons, so we cannot be clingy and hold onto one particular thing. The myth of one cannot excel in a private institution doesn’t justify from a student who is taking a lot from a private institute and who has a passion to work on their dreams. If a student has the spirit of dedication, sincerity and passion than one can take a lot from a private institution. Lectures of eminent personalities like G.D BAKSHI, and many such others from time to time have motivated the students to excel in their life. Classrooms are not only for the assigned professor but people from nongovernmental organizations, business groups; lecturers of other universities deliver knowledge. Events and leadership is tested at every step and opportunity is given to every student in the class. The social work department has brought in a lot of positive changes and hope it does the same in the future.

So, yes a private institution creates billion opportunities for students to excel in every manner and enhance their skill. Yes, it is in the hands of the students and the education authorities to cooperate together so that there is smooth functioning of the institution.

Liza Bora

Liza Bora is a student of Masters in Social Work, Amity University, Noida.

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