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This article is written by Snehal AsthanaThe King who conquered the sea itself tells a story that there was a king who was an able administrator and a skilled in sea fares. But there is an irony to it. As when we are in court, we generally address the female judge as your lordship. The same thing applies here, the king actually a well-known queen of ancient Egypt-Hatshepsut-The greatest ruler of 18th Ancient Egyptian Dynasty was lost in the time but as the Egyptian Script was deciphered we came to know about the kings (mainly called a Pharaoh) and the queens and most importantly the culture, of the earliest civilian of the world.

Hathsepshit literally means the foremost of the Noble lay but she was far from that. Today the Egyptologist agree that the assumed the position of pharaoh.

The first great woman in history of whom we are informed—James henry Breasted. She was the daughter of the Ahmose and Thutmose.  As there was a prevalent tradition of inter-family marriages among the Egyptian Royal family adhering to that tradition Hatshepsut married her half-brother. Thutmose II, at the age of 12 Thutmose II did soon after his coronation as a result Hatshepsut ascends to the throne as a coregent with her step son. Thutmose II (so many Thutmose) later controlling whole of the Egypt in 1473 BC some of the Egyptologists say that her reign lasted for 21 years and 9 months (seems like Egyptians were generally broad minded).

The biggest question is how she became a Pharaoh and not and ordinary queen. As the queen started acting as a regent of Thutmose III within less than seven years, she took the full powers to herself as to save the throne from another branch of Royal family. She defended her legitimacy by arguing that she was appointed by her father. She was not the female pharaoh who not only takes the title pharaoh but also dressed like a pharaoh and ordered to be portrayed as male pharaoh, with a bread and large muscles in states and images. In order to gain support among the people, she constructed various temples and is the inventor of divine power of the kingship (not Kushanas). She built her mortuary temple in Deir-el-Bahri and associated herself with God Amun.

These were mainly the primary things but the main thing or incidence which separates the unique pharaoh with other female pharaoh, especially Cleopatra, was that she re-established international trading relationships lost during a foreign occupation and it carried great wealth to Egypt. She was most being her voyage to capture the island of Punt in which they were successful. She was the most accomplished phraraoh at lauding her accomplishment by making a large number of temples and statues. At number of temples we could find the statues of Hatshepsut. She dies in 21 reign of the rule while she was approaching her middle age, reason of which is unanswered. But the medical reason for death has been descried as diabetes or bone cancer (common at that time). She is resting in King’s valley not as Hatshepsut but as KV60 with her important stuff to be used in her afterlife. We can say that it was the ability of Hatshepsut to look beyond the boundaries of the land and an urge to capture the blues which makes her stand ahead of the other female Pharaoh.

Snehal Asthana

Author is I Semester Students of BA LLB (H), in University School of Law and Legal Studies, Gurugobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka, New Delhi. She did her schooling from Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, Subroto Park, New Delhi. She is keen to write article based on history. She has written many book review too.

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