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Imagining Netaji, Savarkar, Gandhi and Bhagat Singh discussing 21st century India

The article “Imagining Subash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar, Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh conversation on 21st century India” is a hypothetical article based on the recent misconduct of desecrating the idol of Netaji, Savarkar and Bhagat Singh by student-wing of Congress- NSUI in the premises of Delhi University.

Netaji Bose: We dreamt of a happy, democratic and one united India. Though, diversity but unity and respect towards the traditions and philosophy that we inherited from the saints and yogis of our civilization which is popularly known as the bedrock of the civilization of the world were to be the governing notes of the nation to which we owed our existence. But, with much agony and sufferings, I see many of our dreams lagging and jostling for breath under the nasty hold of corruption and power politics.

Dear Savarkar, how this young generation born in free air and luxurious environment would know the suffering and price that many of our fellow freedom fighters paid to ensure that their future lies in freedom?

How would they know the worst kind punishments suffered by you(Savarkar) in 

Cellular Jail, the traumatic memories of being fettered in chains, flogged, condemned to six months of solitary confinement, made to extract oil all day being tied to the mill like a bullock, punished with standing handcuffs for days on end, lack of the most basic human needs such as toilets or water and fed with foul food that had pieces of insects and reptiles ?

How would they know that what it meant to live in an island jail with no food and no freedom only in confinement- in devil’s island?

Bhagat Singh: Our fight for freedom was to free our motherland from the evils and myriad injustices by the foreign rule, promising our future generations a free and glorious India. Contrary to this, they again slaved themselves. They fell slave to corruption, power, and uncountable greed. We never thought of big idols building in our names. Even, the sacrifices that their ancestors have paid to earn freedom for them couldn’t be compensated with these idols but they can console by being true and loyal to the motherland and by making India of their dream.

I wish, someone shall again raise the slogan Inqilab Zindabadh leading the motherland towards glory.

Savarkar: Unfortunately, this is not the India that the pioneers of India’s freedom fighter wanted. Netaji, 21st India, generally remembers Bhagat Singh, Azad, and many others for violence, bombs, and killing. However, this is not true. Why succeeding governments after Independence let the true image and ideology of many of us in dark? These questions are awful. 

The youth of the nation should uphold the legacy left by India’s charismatic leaders. Our fight should be for adding Indianess to India- a civilization that assimilated millions of cultures, thoughts, religions and tied them together. They should be proud of our civilization that is the mother of all human civilisations in the world.

Gandhi: Pity to see INC that once prepared the ground for freedom has been immersed in corruption and appeasement politics today. Nothing could be more worst than to see that the youth of this party performing the nasty, disgraceful and filthy act of decreasing the idols of the heroes of the freedom- Subash, Savarkar, and Bhagat Singh. Though our ways and views were on the two extreme opposite ends we always acknowledged each other. I still remember the day when I celebrated Dusshera with Savarkar and shared a common stage. 

No single freedom fighter dreamt of big idols to be built in his name after freedom. However, if they are built, treat them with respect, recognise them as national honour and admire them as heroes.

Amullaya Gupta

Amullaya is a 1st year student in Delhi University's Zakir Hussain College. He hails from Jammu and Kashmir. His great grandfather was martyred on 11th November 1947 by the Kabaili Forces and rebels from Maharaja Hari Singh Army. A patriot, Avid reader and a budding writer, he has a firm grip on the issues related to Jammu and Kashmir.

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