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Day: January 26, 2019

Hard work supersedes Seniority.

The legal correspondents of almost every leading journal of India had to ink-up their styluses and fix-up their mikes earlier this January, so as to create a controversial news out of a recommendation of the Supreme Court collegium. On 11th January, Hon’ble Mr Justice Dinesh Maheshwari and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sanjiv Khanna were recommended to…

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Literature – Life Long learning

— Written By Chetna GargStudent of Architecture at  USAP, GGSIPU. It’s always said that “Literature is the best way to express the power of human mind, the Knowledge of human expressions, the deviations of human nature and the epitome of Wit and humor.” Literature is the mirror of life and society it reflects our ideas, our thoughts,…

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A Secular State’s Pilgrimage

Kumbh Mela as a History of Managing Faith — Written By Aditi GuptaStudent at DU, pursuing Masters in Political Science In Prayag, Allahabad for modern India, it’s the biggest show on earth, conceived by Hinduism’s antique memory, co-scripted by mythology, history and tradition, and enacted by keepers of wisdom and seekers of moksha. It’s the…

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CPEC: A Conspiracy in Neighborhood.

— Written By RITESH KUMARUSCT, B.Tech (CT), FIRST YEAR CPEC ( (CHINA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR) is a corridor which is being established by china in between China’s western part i.e KASHGAR (XINJIANG PROVINCE) to Pakistan’s eastern part GOWADAR which is about 300km long. This corridor also passes by POK (which belongs to India, de-jure)  and the overall construction…

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Law schools teach us the colonial etiquettes of court craft. That is exactly what we expect at first from the trial courts, this is the time when reality knocks the door. Court craft in lower courts is different from High Courts and Supreme Court as well as what we are taught in Law schools. It…

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