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Day: October 10, 2017

New law on right to privacy: Adhaar does not seem to get hurt that bad

Nine judge constitutional bench of Supreme Court has recently declared right to privacy as a fundamental right. This will have far reaching implications in times to come, but the immediate impact will be on Aadhar. The status of privacy as a fundamental right itself came to question while three judges bench was deciding the legality…

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Article 35 A : The recent controversy

What is Article 35(A)? Is this unconstitutional? Will the  abrogation of Article 35(A) be a betrayal to the state of Jammu and Kashmir or boon to the people of that state? Does Article 35(A) deny social justice to families of Valmiki Samaj (Dalits) and women’s native of the state? Does Article 35 A violate  basic  human and…

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