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Close your eyes and try to picture a 21st century human and now compare it with a Caucasian and an Indian man from 1980’s. Surely there would be striking similarities between your fictional human and the Caucasian. Why? The definition of modern has been changed and only those qualify who can talk in English and walk in English. The above process is commonly known as whitewashing and is commonly criticized by a majority of those who, either consciously or unconsciously, follow it. Kids and young adult have amassed enough information about western lifestyle via mass media or their social environment that if tried to change their beliefs and ‘modern’ lifestyle, they can implode psychologically. When was the last time you heard anyone in your social hierarchy taking in fluent Hindi?


  1. English is now a part of social decorum and modern elegancy around which any language, hereby, will be considered barbaric.
  2. Any outfit not resembling the one’s in trend in the west is not eligible for clothing purposes.
  3. Any television series or movie not overtly western is not food for thought.

The above is a non-rigorous but still applicable draft of ‘Modern Social Bible’. Language is but a mere tool of communication. If you can control how people communicate its’ not ‘not possible’ that you can tweak in their behaviour to follow you as you will. This is called domination and possesses dark spells to degrade ones’ own culture and economy both. This is what has been done till now and its time to
say ‘no more’.

It might seem at first that I am trying to be anti-modern or something. But what I want to imply is this: Modernisation doesn’t mean, in my opinion, to base your lifestyle entirely on a foreign culture but is taking out the best in all available cultures and practices and try to make them compatible with your own so as to cater your needs and should also be tangible enough to make room for amendments at times necessary. Though not the only definition but, in my opinion, it serves the central idea to protect, cherish and enhance ones’ own culture and lifestyle to live their lives more efficiently and blissfully in this great nation of ours.

Stop pretending, start mending.
Vive la India.

Sachin Kumar Singh

From Karnal, Haryana doing B.Tech IT from USICT, IPU. He likes to read and write. He also likes to play volleyball and swimming.

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