Author: Nitish Rai Parwani

Nitish is a Law student at GGS, Indraprastha University. A renowned name in mooting, he has deep interest and expertise in disciplines of constitutionalism, philosophy and criminal law. A disciple of Swami Vivekananda, he is also an active Member of Vivekananda Youth Forum, Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi.

The Speech Unforgotten

September 13, 2017

Those who dreamt to conquer the world, were all conquered by the ‘sisters and brothers…’ of Vivekananda. All the compartmentalism was withered, the dogmas, sectarianism, fanaticism, bigotry and superiorism was thrashed just by these handful of letters of this monk from India. What the mightiest swords couldn’t achieve was achieved by this all-inclusive approach of […]

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