Author: Kavindra Taliyan

Mr. Kavindra Taliyan is Convener of YUVA (Youth United for Vision and Action) Pashchimi Vibhaag. A King George Fellow from Warwick Business School, United Kingdom and M.Tech (Dual Degree) in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur, Mr. Taliyan has worked with companies including McKinsey & Company (London Office), Nortel Corporation (Dublin Office), and Cognizant Technology Solutions (Kolkata Office). Leading Strategic Planning Practice at McKinsey and Company, Mr. Taliyan worked extensively with blue-chip companies like Citi Bank, PHH Corporation, Cadbury, and British Telecom in developing customized solutions that met the organizations’ specific needs resulting in delivering sustainable competitive advantage. Mr. Taliyan is a member of CODEX Project (Stanford University) and is currently developing an Artificial Intelligence technology to decipher “Harappan Script: An ancient Script”.

NRI Investment: An Augmentation of FDI for Make in India

We Indians have enjoyed notable success internationally in terms of per capita income, but our performance at home does not necessarily match our progress abroad. I believe the achievements that we have made overseas—particularly in the United States of America—highlight the stark divide between the country’s potential and its actual […]