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Author: Abhinav Singh

Maharana Pratap: The Legend

Introduction  The history of Rajasthan is as fascinating and romantic as its forts, Aravalli and chivalry. Among all the nobles and kings, there the niche in which Rana Pratap stands has become the holiest of holy. If courage was a distinguishing badge of Rajasthan, Pratap had more share of it. If unflinching resolution and indomitable…

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Vocal for Local

Human existence has been evolving for the last many millenniums. The mode of production is also evolving along with human evolution. Around the 18th century, with the advent of industry and capital fueling economic structure, Europe turned towards Asia and Africa, in the quest for raw materials. These colonizing powers pumped out raw materials and…

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West – A Critical Look

A liberal society is a society dominated by the primacy of the isolated individual, the ideology of the human right, the obsession with growth, the disproportionate place of mercantile values, and the subjugation of the symbolic imaginary, driven by the principle of interest. Liberalism has acquired the global scope since capital has instituted globalization as the axis…

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Effect of building material on Environment (Timber)

Introduction 7 to 8 billion acres of land should be replanted in order to overcome the loss caused by the deforestation. Earth Island Institute says that the world trees are cut and burned 30 times faster then they are planted. People of the world need to use less timber and not so wasteful of the…

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