Author: Mayank Gautam

Graduate in Politicial Science from University of Delhi and pursuing Bachelors in Law from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Always open to rock music and deep talks.

राहुल सांकृत्यायन : महापंडित मुसाफ़िर

9 अप्रैल,1893 को आजमगढ़ के पन्दहा नामक छोटे से गांव में जन्मे राहुल सांस्कृत्यायन को हिंदी यात्रा वृत्तांत के पितामह के रूप में याद किया जाता है | अपने मूल नाम केदारनाथ पांडेय को त्याग कर इन्होने अपनी गोत्र सांस्कृत्य द्वारा पहचाना जाना ज़ादा उचित समझा | 4 भाइयों और […]

DUSU Elections: What do manifestos of student organisations say?

The nationwide hyped Student Union Elections of Delhi University (commonly known as DUSU) will be conducted on 12 th of September, 2018. In order to establish their supremacy in this country’s greatest student elections, all the candidates and their respective student organizations have released their own manifesto which has made […]

ILLITTERING : The dark side of DUSU Elections

With the onset of the month of September and the much-hyped DUSU elections around the corner, the nation-wide reputed Delhi University campuses are bustling with politics and all sorts of activities essential in this 21st century’s ultra-modern process of electioneering. Already infamous for all the pomp and extravagant display of […]