From the very dawning of any civilization, youth have played a pivotal role in determining the course of the society. The contemporary youth is full of energy, but a large chunk of it goes wasted for lack of Channelization. To catalyse the vitality of the youth and to provide a platform whereby the youth may engage into constructive activism, Youth United for Vision and Action (YUVA) was established in the year 2016. YUVA is a youth based- youth run pedestal upon which the effigy of Academic, Social and Cultural endeavors are carried out. Over the years, YUVA has escalated unto all the major academic institutions pan Delhi-NCR including DU, GGSIPU, JNU, NLU, Ambedkar University, IIT-D, AIIMS,IIMC etc and finds its companionship across more than 1 lakh students, academicians and professionals, committed towards the positive construct of society with the spirit of patriotism. The only membership fee to be a part of YUVA is sincerity, dedication, a positive outlook and a vision to contribute for the society and nation.

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