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West – A Critical Look

A liberal society is a society dominated by the primacy of the isolated individual, the ideology of the human right, the obsession with growth, the disproportionate place of mercantile values, and the subjugation of the symbolic imaginary, driven by the principle of interest. Liberalism has acquired the global scope since capital has instituted globalization as the axis of modernity. The origin of globalization is nothing but the transformation of the planet into an immense market. It imposes on us that we should call and accept liberal-libertarian as the singular thought today. And as usual, like any dominant ideology, it is the ideology of dominants (globally).

Adam Smith, the pioneer of liberal economic thought charted out the concept of ‘division of labour’ in his famous pin-factory example for maximising the industrial surplus and at last the profit. His concept of the human being is of an ‘economic being’ driven by individual cynicism and personal needs, which work to maximise the industrial surplus in order to create more wealth. This wealth may be called the Wealth of Nations.

On the polar opposite, Karl Marx, the pioneer of left economic thought charted out the concept of ‘class’ and the struggle between two classes (here again we can see the creation of binary). His concept of the human being is of a ‘Homo Faber’ i.e. a working, labouring, productive being. According to Marx, only economics is a base of the social structure of society and every society is being built on an economic base. The basic difference between Marx and Smith is that the former talks about collectivity whereas the latter talks about individuality.

 The most important common feature between these two inter-opposing philosophers and philosophy is that they conceptualise Humans as just a ‘scientific and material economic being’.

The divide between the left-right is of little to no utility in today’s time because the moral left, forgetting socialism has rallied behind the market society. While certain right-wings are too naive to understand that the market they are supporting, will destroy everything that they want to conserve. Liberalism is an economic, philosophical, and political doctrine that finds its backup in anthropology founded on individuals and economics.

The basis of calling Liberalism an anthropological error is because it gives the concept of humans incorrectly. The idea of man laid is not the natural, social or political but the one which is just focused to maximise the private interests, the monetary domination, and the embodiment of individual freedom.

The two principal components of liberal anthropology are – Individualism and Economism.

Hence, we as Indians should just reject this ideology and its other forms, liberalism is the only ideology that undermined the education, decentralized market system, and the social fabrics of the Hindu Society. The western liberal education was propagated and institutionalized to downplay our traditional Gurukuls, further reading on this –

As we have earlier discussed that globalized market system driven by capital is the harbinger of liberalism, this centralized form of the market offered by East India Company, lethally destroyed our decentralized markets which resulted in the economic degradation of a very large section of Hindu Society, led to their backwardness both socially and economically. This economic backwardness resulted in educational backwardness also because as mentioned in an earlier paragraph the costly liberal education system already destroyed the affordable Gurukuls.

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