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USBT Poize 2018

Whether you’re a science enthusiast or just someone looking for some fun!
This year’s POIZE, the annual techno-cultural fest of USBT has got something planned for everyone!
With special seminar sessions, 12 fun and tech events and another beautiful evening of music and dance, We’re eagerly waiting for loads of entries this year.
Ofcourse, the amazing prizes await you all!
STREAX – Best way to express your art! Take a break between your hard work, have some fun with agar canvas and make your microbial masterpiece overnight!
Pictionary –  Where one is mute and the other wise
Pick your partner and try out your bond!
Treasure hunt – If the dusty treasure map has been verified,  then it’s not a legend! 
AdMad – Bring out the actor in you! Be creative, be mad!
Decouverez (debate) – coz if its indisputable enough to interrogate and you’re acquainted enough to articulate, then let’s debate!
Paper presentation – The best way to know what you are talking about is to know what you are talking about. So, present the paper you know best and win yourself a treasure chest.
Quiz – Get ready to scratch your mind. Be the Quizzard-the wizard of quizes. Do you know who’s what’s and when’s of everything?
Mannequin challenge – Here is an opportunity for the keen seekers to pause their lives for a while and live the life of a ‘Mannequin’!! Showcase your skill of balancing your mental awareness with a halt to physical movement.
Photography – Emotions are the best reason to capture moments and bring it to the world.  Poize welcomes the creativity in you!
Cartooning – Send in your political and humorous artwork, in a comic strip, and just prove your point. It is the CONTENT and your IMAGINATION that MATTERS.
USS GOT TALENT – Born to dance? Funny guy of the group? Can you create music or magic? Singers, dancers, solo, teams – all are welcome!
Cultural evening on 10th! – Get ready to enjoy mesmerizing music and amazing dance performances!
Who knows, you might just end up winning prizes worth some serious cash.
So what are you waiting for?
Register now by simply filling up this google form: USBT POIZE – 2018
Also, be a good lad and follow the official facebook page of Poize 2018. Find out the schedule here! Poize – USBT
For event related queries, please contact:
Fun and Games — Vaibhav: 9015566469
Technical Events — Ritwik: 9911426043
Online Events — Akash Gautam: 7042647442
For anything and everything else:
Yukti: 8860370868
Mansi: 8745810602
Ankit: 9999448144

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