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The Valley Unrest!

The Kashmir conundrum is probably one of the most exasperating and solution- resistant squabbles in the contemporary world. Kashmir is riddled with portentous and worrisome aspects of international border problems, ethnic miscreants, ISI trepidation, national quandaries- indoctrinated to spread hate and violence. It was only the invasion by Pak soldiers disguised as tribals of 1947, that compelled the Maharaja to sign the instrument of accession with India. It was an unconditional, absolute and voluntary surrender of defence, communication and currency to the federal government of India. Multitudinous of the problems of today’s Kashmir are rooted in Pandit Nehru’s unforgivable blunder of taking the Indian case to the UN security council. The seemingly naive, Nehru had no experience of the intricacies and insecurities of International politics while he was propelling up with the issue. The Kashmir problem is not insuperable and could have been easily solved long ago, but the political will and adroitness to do so has been missing. If the prime minister of India is willing for negotiation then the president of Pakistan has to be willing. If BJP advocates a complete cessation of diplomatic relations, the people of India should, and will dismiss it as political bankruptcy and political insanity.

Sindh has been a region of peace, a place where solace has kindled the idea of amicability and cooperation, land where Sufism has been nourished and endured. It’s a land of breathtaking and munificent synthesis of the two faiths, Hinduism and Islam. Today, Pakistan is annihilating the Sufis, it’s tragic that dogmatists out there are party to a satanic conspiracy to hand over the valley of Kashmir to the enemies of Sufism and Kashmiriyat. Azadi, the stock- in- trade of the largely educated and jobless youth who led the loose, rag- tag guerilla movement for doctrinated change, seemed just a push and a heave away. The movement targeted flags and other totems of state authority, unfurling its own flags in busy market squares. This was accompanied by targeted killings in cold blood of prominent persons from the minority Kashmiri Pandit community over time. The killings met with their intended objective as fear, cold and unspoken, ran through the relatively minuscule community. As local media reported on the killings, the question in every Pandit home was, who next? Anyone who has been a minority of any form or typology would know well how fear breeds panic. One by one, in the dead of the cold winter nights, the Pandit families left their homes in a panicked rush. What was at stake was not just the life, limb, and liberty of the men but also the honour of their women. Religion may have brought hope and comfort to some, but it has terribly negative the overall balance sheet in favour of violence and hatred. It’s no exaggeration that all the ships of all the navies of the world can comfortably float in the ocean of innocent blood that has been shed in its name. Politically, it’s true that some Kashmiris don’t want Indian overlordship and Pakistan is trying much to get Azad Kashmir into her territories and has had been trying every possible maneuver to plump all into Pakistan, so a negotiated settlement is much necessary for both the states to make Kashmiris feel relax of the bamboozling Delhi- Islamabad conflicts. Pakistan has been constantly suffering from political instability, fragile democracy and people suffering because of basic health and education amenities. At this juncture, it would be plausible for Delhi and Islamabad to take up the Kashmir issue more profusely and let the region stabilise and prosper better.

Terrorism and violence must become a taboo, a lasting and honourable amicable resolution must be reached out where non- aggression and cooperation must becoming the basic driving forces of the valley. Kashmiri Pandits must be dealt with maximum eloquence and their rehabilitation must be be done at par with with utmost honour, diligence, reverence and equality. The polestar of the peace process must be in concurrence with the legitimate interests and rational expectations of all elements and regions in the composite state. India and Pakistan should ensure self- determination on both sides of the LOC, where ethnic and religious minorities enjoy full package of civil and political liberties. In addition to this, proper reconstruction of state’s economy must be designed in a manner that supports the transition from conflict to peace. Not only demilitarization of the state is needed but demilitarization of incorrigible mindset of people in and around the region is also must. Mediation, counselling and arbitration must become inevitable way- outs to pack up all sorts of differences out there. State and central government must appoint a special committee of credible citizens to inquire and report on the misuse of AFSPA power and take necessary steps to disseminate peace into the region. I’m not into any business of playing politics but only concerned about mitigating differences between what is happening and what is publicly stated.

It’s high time, proper and adequate intervention by both the countries through fruitful deliberation and mutual discussion is needed to combat one of the most paramount issues the world is succumbed with.


2nd Year, Campus Law Centre

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  1. I very much doubt this- ‘If BJP advocates a complete cessation of diplomatic relations, the people of India should, and will dismiss it as political bankruptcy and political insanity.’

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