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The Pacifists need to Shut up

–Written by Anhad Jakhmola

George Friedman, while addressing a group of students spoke about how war is always a part of human civilizational history and no such century has been without one. Very mildly but with a tinge of salt, he spoke about the original uses and ideas of various parts of the mobile phones often used by the “Millennials”, “Baby Boomers” and the “Generation Z” nomenclature based generation groups in the world. But one important point that struck the most in his lecture about war and peace was his mild, good natured accusation towards the youth on their incapability of tolerating a war or admitting the situation of a war that arises from time to time. Whether it’s between two countries or two ideologies. He felt that the youth today, often spends it’s time in denial of it, rather than actually acknowledge it. This, in his informed opinion, created more problems of hypocrisy and short-sighted vision in interpretation. 

Now, this comes in light to what happened at Jadavpur University and how people across India and some interested parties across the world. The SFI tearing the clothes of Babul Supriyo and the clash between the left and the ABVP. With all the spice and drama of blood and fire, people across expressed shock and solidarity with both sides. I, however wasn’t surprised. Student politics has been one place short of a live mine since a decade and the psychological and social behaviour of an average individual who is in college and who takes part in such activities is borderline combative and aggressive. What did you really expect was going to happen then ? 

A large group tries to stop a minister and a governor from doing their activities and the other side responds as well ? It’s a classic war between two ideological factions within Jadavpur. The rise of the BJP in Bengal since May 23rd and even before that laid the ground for this to happen sooner or later. 

What’s even more interesting is that the same left and supposed youth parties of the BJP often go against the current Chief Minister, Mamta Banerjee’s TMC and it’s youth cadre on numerous occasions. The common student leftist and it’s dualistic approach to everything in life makes it claim that a fascist is someone who opposes it’s ideas and narratives. Whether it’s a disagreement or a complete opposition, you are liable to be a fascist in their book. The sympathy they have from the media always portrayed the right as simplistic and direct as the Fascio gangs under Mussolini in Italy. Needless to say that most leftists often become historians due to a good memory, not due to good skills of analysing history. 

Finally people, get used to this. Your shock and fear and anger about violence and especially student violence has to end because it’s time you bunch of crying kids smell the morning coffee or tea with your sandwich or a poor man’s ten rupees cigarette. Humans beings are and will essentially stay violent in some aspect. No khadi clad, partially god – like perceived individual with a stick is going to bring that change and quite frankly, it’s not a healthy one either. The left, right, centre and other ideological directions will behave like this and your supposed love for peaceful discourse and a college being a centre of knowledge is a myth. What you aspire is of a Gurukul. But then, you would be called a Brahmincal Patriarchal man or woman for thinking on those lines. Fortunately, I love that tag. Something proportional between talking about peace and expressing a desire against other forms of ideas is worth the study. Hopefully it happens soon. 

P.S – The left losing is anyways better than anything. They’re a bunch of stupid and chest – beating while coughing due to large consumption of tobacco walking wannabes who are incapable of toleration and talk about peace and harmony in their gutter inspired world. 

Moreover this would embolden the ABVP and the BJP. And that is exactly why, politics is fun. 

These violent delights have violent ends 

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