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The lung of Earth is Burning: Its High Time and We should Act

The fire has been a major problem in the forests. From the last few months, the forests of Brazil is in the grip of fire. Nearly, fifty thousand sq. Metres of forest land have been burnt. The fire is so frightening that smoke is spread over 45 lakh kilometers. The capital city of Brazil, Sao Paul is darkened due to smoke. According to national space and research centre of Brazil, witnesses more than 74 thousand forest fires. This indicates the negligence of concern about the forest and the environment too. 

Government of Brazil trying to extinguish the fire, but yet fire was not controlled. As we all know, this forest is the world largest rainforest. One-third of the world’s forests are in this Amazon area. This is spread widely to 21 lakhs square kilometres from South America to Brazil. This rainforest is often known as the “ lungs of the earth”. There are nearly 30 thousand tree species. Along with this, it has lakhs of species of animals, birds, reptiles, snakes, etc. This forest provides nearly 20% of the world’s oxygen and inhales nearly 140 crores tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. They act as “doctors” to save us from global warming. The scientist claims that any harm to this forest affects the whole world. That’s why this fire arises a serious set of questions to every mind. Is the fire started naturally or someone conspire to set a fire? Why the United States is silent. 

However, only time will answer this set of questions. By the way, in the G-20 conference held in France, concern was raised over this issue. Britain offered aid to extinguish the fire but Brazil turned it down. President Jer Bolsonaro blamed the environment agencies that they conspired into this. It is being said that NGOs are not getting money so they did this.  But the main concern is about how to control fire. global efforts were needed to extinguish the fire. 

Forest resources and environment is most important to sustain. They also contribute to the survival of the earth and balance the ecosystem and human economy. To save earth trees and other environmental factors should be protected. The whole world should come forward to extinguish the fire by wealth and technology. Without the common efforts of the global community, this seems hard to control fire. Otherwise, we can not able to blame anyone for the increasing effect of global warming and CO2 . 

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