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“The Kerala Story” movie review by Nisha

The Kerala Story’ raised the issue of “love jihad” and narrated how Hindu & other non-Muslim girls get trapped in the conversion nexus and are forced to accept Islam. These girls are systematically sent to either become sex slaves or act as human bombs for ISIS. This is the story of Shalini Unnikrishnan.

The movie starts with how the girl gets trapped with her other two roommates. They are being brainwashed by a Muslim girl who makes them believe that their God and religion do not protect them and that only Allah’s mercy can save them from eternal punishment after death. The Muslim girl made them doubt their religion and convincingly persuaded them that Hinduism is solely based on myths. 

It is a must-watch movie for all Hindu girls. Further, I believe that it is a must-watch movie for the parents of teen kids. It is easy to trap Hindus in the name of their faith as they do not have a clear understanding of their religion and culture. The scene where Asifa questions “Kaun sa Bhagwan Sab Bhagwan ke upar hai?” (Which god is supreme in Hindu culture?) is sarcasm on the Hindu faith. Shalini replying that she believes that God Shiva is a big God is a perfect question in Hindu culture. We are continuously fighting to prove whether Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, or Lord Brahma is the supreme lord of Earth. We do ask our kids to learn English, but we never narrate a Sanskrit shloka to them. We hardly bother to learn the reason for Gopis dancing with Krishna or Shiva crying for his dead wife! We question ourselves about how a person who left his wife can be a Maryada Purshotam, but we never look for an answer! When Nimah (a Christian girl) asked Shalini if she was going home for Diwali, Shalini clearly told her that Diwali meant holidays in childhood and now nothing more than delicious food. 

These were not ISIS, which succeeded, but it was a failure for the parents who were not able to inculcate the basic faith and understanding of Dharma. Today’s generation hardly pays attention to Hindu festivals. They do not understand, and never even bother to, that Diwali or Holi are based on Hindi dates. Most of us are unaware of the importance of Amavasya. Haridwar is no longer a religious place and has become a tourist spot. Recently, Jains were seen protesting to save their Sammed Shikhar from turning into a tourist spot. All Muslims regularly pray in mosques in groups, and we believe that Satsang or Sankirtana is an old-age thing!

According to me, this movie’s most important dialogue, is “ISIS Kab join kiya ye jaan ne ke liyee, Kyon join kiyaa ye jaanna jyada jruri hai.” This movie revolves around this ‘Kyon’ (Why) only.

Author’s Bio: Nisha is a poet, writer and a social worker. She’s always keen in participating in altruistic activities and giving a helping hand to the needy. She likes to read spiritual and Vedic texts. She wants to contribute in the field of education. She has completed her MA (Adult Education & Lifelong Learning); MA (Political Science); B. Com (H) from Delhi University.  You can connect to her on twitter @nishajakhar9

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