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The Chronicles Of Unsung hero – Ganesh Dutt

We all have grown up listening to the tales of our famous Freedom Fighters , and surely that has seeded a strong sense of Patriotism and ignited the feeling of Nationalism in each one of us from our childhood days. A lot of blood and sweat has been dedicated by them to achieve the freedom that we are enjoying today, they all have worked tirelessly and selflessly . And no matter how much we pay them tribute we would never be able to
equalize and would always be grateful to them. We must all have heard about the courage shown by each one of the freedom fighters, Our Father of Nation –Mahatma Gandhi , our first Prime Minister – Pt. Jawaharlal
Nehru , The Iron Man of India – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ,some other famous names are Subhash Chandrabose ,Bhagat Singh , Dr.Rajendra Prasad and many more , this list will continue till infinity because these names aren’t few. There are many such popular names that we know, and
then there are many names which we don’t.Let’s revisit a forgotten hero of INDIA’s Freedom Struggle whose stories of self sacrifice have had a few listeners and even little physical struggle record.Sir Ganesh Dutt Singh, shortly called Ganesh Dutt was an Indian Lawyer, educationist and administrator from Bihar. After completing his training as a lawyer for 12 years , he was not considered among the rank – and – file lawyers.
He was elected a member of the legislative council of Bihar and Orissa in 1927 . Later, he became Minister of the Government of Bihar and Orissa from 1923 to 1937. As a member of the provincial government ,Sir Ganesh Dutt Singh became the Indian administrator and educator. In the pre – independent era , as an administrator he has given significant contributions to the improvisations of education and health services in the states of Bihar and Orissa . He was also a philanthropist who made generous
donations from his earnings and personal property for the setup of educational institutions .He played a key role in Patna University development and established a scholarship fund for higher education in science and technology . After his death , Dutt donated and dedicated
his own house “Krishna kunj ’’ to the growth of education at the University of Patna. He was knighted by British in 1928 for his overall contributions for social cause. He was honoured with Ph.D from Patna University in 1933. It was an appropriate tribute to his wonderful services in the cause of the
educational progress.Ganesh Dutt was famous person who gave his whole life to the growth of education . His simplicity of life , his high character and its exemplary sacrifices for public utility will be the great admiration for the future generations. Dutt was a unique person . He practiced what he preached . He was a great man who is known for his sacrifices. Imagine even after doing such great things he went unnoticed . And it is not just about him but there are many like him who have done a lot for the independence of this country , but history hasn’t given them equal recognition. It is now at our part to treat them with equal importance ,
because each and every contribution counts . It is very important for us to remind us of their sacrifice , actions and thoughts . There is actually no use of paying mere lip- tribute to our such freedom fighters , What’s the
point of paying them superficial tribute when we ourselves can’t stand for the ideas of our freedom fighters . They were not only believers , but they were also those great personalities who laid down their lives for their belief . In my opinion there shouldn’t be fixed time to remember them and their great doings . The real tribute will happen only when we strive to make their dream come true by breaking stereotypes of all kinds , if we actually follow their ideals should we pay tribute to them otherwise all of it
might be a hoax.


– Raghavi Vatsh

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